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Insurance for Vacant or Empty Homes in California Are you a Trustee, Executor or Beneficiary and need Insurance for Vacant or Empty Homes in California?  Do you have an empty property that is currently for sale?  Are you a LLC or  investment company flipping homes in California and need a Vacant Dwelling policy while the property you are turning undergoing cosmetic construction?


Einhorn Insurance can issue Insurance for Vacant or Empty Homes in California in just a few hours.  Your policy can even be in the name of a trust, corporation or an estate.  Inheriting, managing, selling or flipping a vacant property can become a full time job and we want to make the insurance process as easy as possible.



Our goal is to offer great coverage for vacant property at competitive rates.  We offer flexible payment plans and you can cancel your policy at any time and we will prorate the difference.*  If paying monthly, we don’t charge high fees to get a policy started.



Vacant home insurance is not the same as regular home insurance.  With most standard owner occupied home insurance policies, a claim may not be covered (or coverage is reduced) if the home is vacant for 30+ days.  This rule applies if you own income property and it sits empty for 60+ days.  An empty property has a higher risk exposure than a property that is occupied.


Many people think they can keep their home insurance policy and not inform their home insurance carrier the property is vacant.  But, if you read the fine print in most home insurance policies, there are exclusions for neglect or abandonment of a property.   As mentioned above, your home policy may not provide coverage if a property is vacant for a certain amount of time.  Each insurance company has their own definition of Vacant.

Make sure to read the fine print of your policy.


Our Vacant Home Insurance Policy covers your property if damaged by fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, vandalism and malicious mischief.  Liability, medical payment to others, bodily injury and personal property coverage can be added (for an additional cost).


We can help you with Vacant Dwelling Insurance if:

–      A Spouse passed away.

–      A Parents moved into an assisted living facility and you are responsible for their vacant home.

–      A Relative or friend passed away leaving you their home.

–      You’re a Trustee or Executor of an Estate and are financially obligated to manage a property.

–      You are the beneficiary of a property that is empty.

–      You decided to put your home on the market.

–      You flip homes.

–      You are renovating your home/property.

–      You are having difficulty finding tenants.


For more information regarding Insurance for Vacant or Empty Homes in California, visit and click the GET A QUOTE button.  Or, call or email us at 858-336-4644 or


*Rates are prorated once a minimum of $250 of premium is earned.