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Mexico Auto Insurance

Don’t Drive Into Mexico Without Mexican Auto Insurance!


Your current US or Canada Auto Insurance may provide minimal coverage within Mexico, but ONLY to your own car (and probably only within 25 miles of the border). This is NOT considered proof of financial responsibility under Mexican Law because your American policy does not cover damages to other people or their property while in Mexico. The Liability coverage on your U.S. or Canadian

Insurance policy, is not recognized by Mexican Authorities.

If you are in an accident while driving in Mexico, you must have cash or a Mexican insurance policy at the time of the accident to pay for damages or injuries. Without a Mexican Auto policy, you could spend many hours (or days) in jail and your car will be impounded. In Mexico, car accidents are a Criminal matter; in the US, most auto accidents are only a Civil Matter.

Einhorn Insurance can help you purchase Mexico Auto Insurance from the comfort of your own home. Don’t stop at the border and wait for 20-30 minutes to get Mexican Auto Insurance. Many of these last-minute policies don’t provide the best coverage and the agent may add many unnecessary fees.

mexico auto insurance


Einhorn Insurance is affiliated with 4 top rated carriers which offer Standard and Extended plans:

  • El Aguila
  • Grupo Nacional Provincial
  • ABA Seguros
  • ACE Seguros

These carriers allow you to choose coverages such as theft, vandalism, US labor rates, legal assistance, medical payments, gap coverage, roadside assistance and towing, medical evacuation and return tickets home.

Whether you’re going to Mexico for a few hours, days, weeks, months or a year….for a Quick Quote where you can compare some of the top rated Mexican Auto insurance carriers, Click Here.



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