Mexico Auto Insurance

Don’t Drive Into Mexico Without Mexican Auto Insurance!

mexico auto insuranceWARNING: Your current US or Canada Auto Insurance may provide some coverage within Mexico, but ONLY to your own car (and probably only within 25 miles of the border). This is NOT considered proof of financial responsibility under Mexican Law because your American policy does not cover damages to other people or their property while in Mexico. The Liability coverage on your U.S. or Canadian Insurance policy, is not recognized by Mexican Authorities. Only a Mexican Auto Liability policy is acceptable.

mexico auto insuranceIf you are in an accident while driving in Mexico, you must have cash or a Mexican insurance policy at the time of the accident to pay for damages or injuries. Without a Mexican Auto policy, you could spend many hours (or days) in jail and your car will be impounded. In Mexico, car accidents are a Criminal matter; in the US, most auto accidents are only a Civil Matter.

Don’t stop at the border and wait for 20-30 minutes to get Mexican Auto Insurance. Many of these last minute policies don’t provide the best coverage and the agent may add many unnecessary fees.

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What Our Policies Offer

What Should I Do If I’m In An Auto Accident In Mexico?

Important Terms to Know When Driving to Mexico


Our Policies Offer:

  • An “A” or Better Rating with A.M. Best.
  • MEX VISIT TRAVEL ASSISTANCE for no extra charge to help with land/air ambulance, travel info, emergency money transfers, translating services, lost or stolen credit cards, U.S. State Department Travel advisory info…and MUCH MORE!
  • Daily, 6 month & 12 month Policies.
  • Coverage for Theft & Vandalism
  • 24/7 Claims Department
  • Roadside Assistance for NO ADDITIONAL FEES.
  • Medical Payments for NO ADDITIONAL FEES.
  • Legal Assistance and Representation for NO ADDITIOANL FEES.
  • Return Home Tickets for NO ADDITIONAL FEES.
  • Toll free numbers for claims within Mexico.
  • U.S. Labor Rates available. If your car needs to be repaired and you want repairs done in the U.S., most Mexican Insurance companies will compensate you based on Mexican labor rates, NOT U.S. LABOR RATES.


What Should I Do If I’m In An Auto Accident In Mexico?

  • Remain Calm and do NOT leave the scene of an accident.
  • If in an accident while in Mexico, call the appropriate Claims phone number below:
    • ACE Seguros Claims: 01 800 223 8687 or 01 55 5480 0919
    • ABA Seguros Claims: Accident or Theft – 01 800 368 1414 Towing – 01 800 310 7590
    • Grupo National Provincial Claims: 01 800 026 5110
    • HDI Seguros Claims: 01 800 019 6000
  • Have your Certificate/Policy number ready.
  • Document the name of the insured and driver of the other vehicles involved in the accident.
  • Document the vehicle data: year, make, model type, color and license plate number.


Important Terms:

Physical Damage: Damage to your car (including collision, turnover, glass breakage & other coverages).

Total Theft: If your car is completely stolen.

Fixed Deductibles: Regardless of the value of the vehicle, it’s $500 USD for property damage and $1,000 USD for theft and vandalism.
Vandalism: Covers willful and malicious damage to or destruction of your car.

Third Party Liability: Covers bodily injury and damage you cause to other cars and/or property.

U.S. Labor Rates: Pays a higher labor rate per hour compared to Mexican labor rates when the car is repaired outside of Mexico. This DOES NOT include towing costs of your car to U.S. or Canada.

Medical Payment: Helps pay for medical expenses for you and your passengers.

Uninsured Motorist: Insures yourself if someone hits you and doesn’t carry insurance.

Legal Assistance: Coverage to assist you in the event you need a bail bond or legal assistance following a covered loss.

Medical Evacuation: Transfer by land or air ambulance.

Plane Tickets Home: Coverage for you and travel companions to return home in the event of theft or extensive repair of your car. (Further conditions apply).