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Auto Insurance

California Auto Insurance When was the last time you reviewed your auto coverage? In less than 5 minutes, we can review your current policy and make recommendations (if necessary) to ensure that you are properly insured.  Additionally, we’ll see if you qualify for one of our many discounts. There are a number of variables that […]

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Fire Insurance

California Fire Insurance FIRE SEASON IS HERE…ARE YOU READY? Unfortunately, when it comes to rebuilding your home, things don’t cost what they used to.  The price of labor and materials has increased.  Your current insurance policy may not reflect today’s construction costs. Additionally, the recent wild fires caused many insurance companies to reassess which homes […]

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Business Insurance

California Business Insurance Is your business properly covered in the following key areas? Workers Compensation This coverage is mandated by state law and pays benefits to employees injured on the job.  It covers the costs for an employee’s medical expenses, a portion of lost wages and permanent disability.  As a result, the employers are immune […]

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Life Insurance

California Life Insurance The first question to ask yourself is, “Financially, will someone suffer when you or your spouse/partner dies?”  This isn’t an easy question to consider, but it is essential. If the answer is yes, call us to explore your options including answers to the following questions: Which type of life policy suits your […]

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Home Insurance

California Home Insurance Home insurance includes coverage if you own a home, condo, townhome, income property or if you are renting Over the past few years, California has experienced more fires than ever before!  With this increased risk, it’s even more important to review your home policy on a yearly basis to make sure one […]

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Dog Liability Insurance

Contact Us Now For A Free Dog Liability Insurance Quote You don’t have to move! You don’t have to give up your beloved family member! Einhorn Insurance is proud to offer dog liability insurance to responsible owners of “dangerous” breeds (as labeled by most insurance companies). Einhorn Insurance does NOT agree with the way most […]

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Umbrella Insurance

California Umbrella Insurance UMBRELLA INSURANCE If your auto or home insurance coverage isn’t enough to cover a claim, can you afford to pay for the remaining damages/expenses out of pocket? If not, are you prepared to have your wages garnished or a lien put on your house? As with life insurance, umbrella policies provide peace […]

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Mexico Auto Insurance

Don’t Drive Into Mexico Without Mexican Auto Insurance! WARNING: Your current US or Canada Auto Insurance may provide some coverage within Mexico, but ONLY to your own car (and probably only within 25 miles of the border). This is NOT considered proof of financial responsibility under Mexican Law because your American policy does not cover […]

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