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Are you a Trustee, Executor or Beneficiary in need of vacant home insurance? insurance for an empty home

Einhorn Insurance can issue a Vacant Home insurance policy in just a few hours.  We can even list a trust, corporation or an estate as an insured on the policy. Inheriting or managing a vacant property can become a full time job and we want to make the insurance process as easy as possible.

Vacant home insurance is different than a regular home insurance as an empty property has more risks than an occupied one.

Many people think they can keep their home insurance policy and not inform their home insurance carrier the property is vacant.  But, if you read the fine print in most home insurance policies, there are exclusions for neglect or abandonment of a property.   Your home policy may not provide coverage if a property is vacant for a certain amount of time.  Each insurance company has their own definition of Vacant.  Usually a property is considered Vacant if it’s empty for 60+ or 90+ days (depending on the insurance carrier).

Vacant property insurance isn’t cheap.  Our goal is to offer great coverage at competitive rates.

We can help you with Vacant Dwelling Insurance if:

–      A Spouse passed away

–      A Parents moved into an assisted living facility and you are responsible for their vacant home

–      A Relative or friend passed away leaving you their home.

–      You are the Trustee of a Trust or Executor of an Estate and have a financial obligation to manage a property.

–      You are the beneficiary of a property that is empty.

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