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california dog liability insurance

If your home insurance is being cancelled or dropped because of your Pit Bull (or any other breed) we can help.

Einhorn Insurance helps responsible dog owners with home, condo, renters and liability insurance to include coverage for their Pit Bull.*


Even if you Pit Bull has been declared as dangerous or potentially dangerous, we can help.  We can also assist you with home, condo or renters insurance if your dog has a bite history or if you’ve had a dog bite claim.


As Pit Bull owners and avid Pit Bull Rescue supporters, we couldn’t imagine having to part with our extremely loved Pit Bull Bernice.  We understand that it’s not always the dog that is “bad.” Sometimes dogs just get into bad situations.


Insurance companies have an EXCLUSION section in their policy and most companies will have a list of “dangerous” or “blacklisted” dogs they don’t cover.  If you own one of these dogs, the insurance carrier will either drop you or exclude coverage for your “dangerous” dog.  Keep in mind, your dog doesn’t have to be “dangerous” to earn this title.  Just because your dog is a certain breed, insurance companies automatically label them as “dangerous.”


Additionally, don’t assume your home insurance policy covers your dogs just because you’ve been with them for years. dog liability insurance


We understand it’s easy to “forget” to mention your dog when getting insurance.  Even if your home insurance company doesn’t find out about your dog, if anything was to happen, you wouldn’t be covered as the Exclusions section protects the insurance carrier.


Einhorn Insurance also helps if you are renting and the landlord says you have to move because their insurance doesn’t cover your dog.  We offer Landlord Insurance that doesn’t exclude dog breeds.*  You don’t have to move or give up your dog.   Ironically, our Landlord Insurance policies are often less expensive than what they are currently paying and it’s super easy to switch insurance.


For more information on home insurance with a pit bull, renters insurance with a pit bull or liability insurance for a pit bull, visit , call 858-336-4644 or email us at


Our website lists other dog breeds that are considered “dangerous” or “blacklisted” by most insurance companies.

**Dog liability coverage may need to be a separate, stand alone policy in some states and for certain situations.

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