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In honor of National Nurses Week, Einhorn Insurance donated a lunch and breakfast to the fabulous Nurses in the Emergency Room at Rady Children’s Hospital. While in the waiting room, we saw a handout regarding dog bites to children and thought we’d share some of its content.


  • Emergency rooms across the nation see and treat about 1000 dog bites a day.
  • Most of these bites come from family pets.
  • Children are the most at risk for injury from dog bites.
  • The most common bite areas are the face, head and neck.

Many dog bites to children can be prevented if we learn how to read a dog’s body language.  Even good dogs bite.  Dogs don’t normally like being approached and given hugs and kisses from children.  It is best to wait for a dog to come to you for affection/attention.

In addition to being able to detect “warning signs,” the most important thing to know is how to “be a tree.”  Stand still and remain quiet if a dog approaches.  NEVER run from a dog.


  • STOP moving.
  • Keep your arms down and clasp your hands in front of you down by your thighs.
  • Look down at your hands and stay as quiet as you can.
  • Wait until help comes or the dog goes away.


  • Never leave a baby or small child unattended with a dog.
  • Never corner or tease a dog.
  • Teach children to be careful around pets.
  • ALWAYS ask permission to pet a stranger’s dog.
  • Never keep a dog on a chain (which is illegal in some states including California).  Chained dogs are frustrated and unhappy.
  • Spay and neuter your dog.  Unneutered male dogs account for a majority of claims (especially if they are chained up).
  • Avoid situations that may scare or anger your dog.
  • Don’t put your face in a dog’s face.
  • Never bother a dog while they are eating or sleeping.
  • Never bother a sick or injured dog.
  • Teach your children to keep their hands away from a dog’s mouth especially during play.  Not all bites are due to aggressive/vicious behavior.  Even a fun play session can result in an accidental bite.

dog bites and childrenFor more information on dog body language, visit .Einhorn Insurance has experienced several dog claims.  The most unfortunate thing about these claims is that both the dogs (most are put down) and the innocent victims suffer.  These claims could have been easily avoided had the dog’s owner been more aware, accountable and responsible.

If you are in need of dog liability or canine liability insurance, Einhorn Insurance can help.  It’s best to get a policy BEFORE an incident.  Once your dog has a bite history, the price of insurance is higher (even if the bite isn’t documented with animal control).

Einhorn Insurance can issue policies for dogs that have been labeled by Animal Control or your City/County as Dangerous, Potentially Dangerous, Vicious or Potentially Vicious.

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