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When I tell people I am the proud owner of a pit bull, they usually cringe or they say, “pit bulls get such a bad rap.”  As much as the general public’s incorrect perception of pit bulls bothers me, I try to educate non-pit bull owners by explaining, it’s not the dog, but the owner that’s the problem.   


Any breed of dogs can be born aggressive and/or bite if put in the wrong situation, if they are scared and or not feeling well.  IT’S NOT THE BREED, but the bite that’s the problem.  There are “good dogs” and “bad dogs” within every breed. Unfortunately, some breeds (like Pit Bulls and Rottweilers) attract irresponsible owners.  Any dog can bite and their tendency to bite can be associated with socialization, heredity, environment and training. 


During Dog Bite Prevention Week, Einhorn Insurance encourages you to pay special attention to facts and ways to prevention tips relating to dog bites. 


According to the Insurance Information Institute, studies show that dog bite claims accounted for more than 33% of ALL home insurance claims in 2009.  During 2009 $412 Million was paid out as a result of dog bites. Insurance payouts related to these claims have grown 30% in 6 years with the average dog bite claim around $24,000.


We believe the first step in responsible dog ownership is prevention.  Because our pit bull, Bernice, is afraid of other dogs, we avoid situations where she may act aggressively due to fear.  Prevention is A MUST in avoiding dog bites or dog related claims.  As a dog owner, we strongly urge you to avoid situations that set your dog up for failure.


At Einhorn Insurance, we’ve experienced several dog claims.  The most unfortunate thing about these claims is that both the dogs (most are put down) and the innocent victims suffer.  Each claim could have been easily avoided had the dog’s owner been more aware, accountable and responsible.


For more information on how to be a responsible dog owner, check out


Did you know that each year, about 5 million people in the USA are bit or attacked by dogs and children make up more than 60% of all dog bite victims?  The National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that about 50% of all children 12 years old or younger, have been bit by a dog. 


Please read the tips below to avoid dog bites:

       Never leave a baby or small child unattended with a dog.

       Never corner or tease a dog. 

       Teach children to ALWAYS ask permission to pet a stranger’s dog.

       Never keep a dog on a chain (which is illegal in some states including California).  Chained dogs are frustrated and unhappy.

       Spay and neuter your dog.  Unneutered male dogs account for a majority of claims (especially if they are chained up).

       Avoid situations that may scare or anger your dog.

       Don’t put your face in a dog’s face.

       Never bother a dog while they are eating or sleeping.

       Teach your children to keep their hands away from a dog’s mouth.  Even a fun play session can result in an accidental bite.



For more information, please visit and click the GET A QUOTE button.   Landlords, please have your tenants contact us directly as we must speak/work directly with the owner of the dog.




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