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Whole Dog Training is hosting a seminar on dog aggression at Whole Dog Training on Monday, November 28th at 7pm.  Humans only please.


The class will be taught by Nan Arthur, the author of “Chill Out Fido.  Nan has been training over 17 years and this class will help dog owners have a better understanding on why dog aggression occurs and how to work with a “feisty fido.”


You must sign up in advance as seating is limited. Tickets are $20 each and WELL WORTH IT! 


To reserve your spot, call Renee at 619-981-0165 or visit


The class will be located at 10035 Carroll Canyon Rd. Suite D, San Diego, CA 92131.


The building is a little hard to find as its not directly on the street, but behind another building.



Whole dog training offers group classes at their facility, private in-home training and behavior modification sessions, classes for puppies and workshops.  The workshops are for people only and discuss topics like:

–       Dog Be Good-Learning to Live Happily with Your Dog of Puppy

–       Dog Be Good- Understanding Dog Fear and Aggression

–       Dog Be Good- How to keep your dog happy when they are home alone

Whole Dog Training even offers a workshop for cat owners called Cat Be Good- Learn to live happy with Your Cat. 


If you know of any great classes in your area, please let us know so we can post them in our blogs and on our Facebook page.

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