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Einhorn Insurance provides parents of German Shepherds California Dog Liability and Canine Liability Insurance.  german shepherd dog liability insurance

Even if your German Shepherd has a bite history and/or you’ve made a claim and are being dropped by your current home insurance carrier, Einhorn Insurance can help insure your home and dog.

While many insurance companies label your German Shepherd as “dangerous” or “vicious” (even though they have never bit or hurt anyone/anything), Einhorn Insurance doesn’t. We look at each German Shepherd on a case-by-case basis.

As a California German Shepherd owner, you are responsible for your dog whether you at home or away from home (on or off premises). Any dog, regardless of breed, can bite, cause physical damage or cause damage to property. Ironically, most of our dog claims have been with small dogs and not the so called “dangerous breeds.”

What does California German Shepherd Dog Liability Insurance Cover?

– Medical expenses, bills and/or plastic surgery for a person or other animal/dog (not your own dog).

– Attorney fees in the event you are sued by the injured party.

– Loss of income (if the injured person is unable to work).

– Compensation if your dog(s) damage another person’s property.

Why do you need California German Shepherd Dog Liability Insurance?

– You want to be responsible and carry the right policy to cover your German Shepherd(s).

– Your current home insurance policy excludes coverage for your German Shepherd.

– Your home insurance is being cancelled because one of your family members is a German Shepherd.

– You are having trouble finding a place to rent.

– Your German Shepherd has been deemed dangerous, potentially dangerous or a public nuisance.

– Your dog has bit another animal, dog or person.

If you currently have California home, townhome, landlord or renters insurance, you’ll want to look in the LIABILITY EXCLUSIONS section of your policy and see if specific dog breeds are listed of if you policy has an animal exclusion.

Even if your dog’s breed isn’t found on the “dangerous” or “blacklisted breed” list, as a California resident, you are responsible for your German Shepherd.

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