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Congratulations to Villalobos Rescue Center for opening their doors in New Orleans! louisiana dog liability insurance


After 18 years, Villalobos Rescue Center was faced with the difficult decision of leaving California.  The combination of financial reasons and unrealistic rules/regulations placed on VRC by Los Angeles County led to Tia’s decision to leave California.  On December 30, 2011, Tia, her crew and many volunteers moved over 150 pit bulls across the country to their new home in New Orleans.


Villalobos will now run its organization out of New Mexico and Louisiana.  The “Pit Bull Ponderosa” will be located in New Mexico where all unadoptable dogs will live out their remaining years thanks to a generous donation of a 50 acre ranch. 


The new rescue and adoption facility opened its doors yesterday, March 31, 2012, in New Orleans, the 9th Ward of Louisiana.  This location is currently open to the public and by appointment only.  Tia is looking for donations, crates and fold down cages along with help in transporting dogs.  If you would like to volunteer or donate, contact Villalobos Rescue Center at


Einhorn Insurance wants to thank Tia and Villalobos for promoting our services!  As proud pit bull owners and supporters, we love helping VRC and Pits Bull and Parolee fans with dog liability insurance.


If you are looking for dog liability insurance in Louisiana or pit bull friendly insurance in Louisiana, Einhorn Insurance is happy to help.  We provide liability coverage for ALL BREEDS.


Einhorn Insurance strongly believes all dog owners (regardless of breed) should carry some liability insurance to cover the unintentional actions of their dog.  The average cost of a dog claim is about $25,000 and without insurance, you may have to come out of pocket for thousands of dollars to pay for someone’s medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and attorney fees.  Why take this chance when you can carry canine liability insurance?


Without the right Louisiana dog insurance policy, YOU may have to pay for all legal and medical expenses if your dog bites, causes bodily injury or damages someone’s property.


Even if your dog has been declared as dangerous or vicious, we can help.


Please visit us at and hit the GET A QUOTE button.  If your dog is in quarantine or if this is an emergency, please mention this in the “comments section” or email us at



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