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Does your current California motorcycle insurance policy cover your bike on the track?  Probably not…  california track day insurance


Einhorn Insurance has GREAT RATES and offers many discounts to motorcycle riders that want an insurance policy that ALSO covers their bikes at track days. 


Our one policy does it all!  As long as you aren’t racing for money or points, we make sure you are covered on the road and at the track.  We offer both full coverage and liability only motorcycle insurance.


In addition to providing you with great coverage, our motorcycle policy offers many discounts:


Good Driver Discount

–       You’ve been licensed to drive a motorcycle for the past 3 years

–       You don’t have more than 1 point or at-fault accident in the past 3 years or any major violation (involving drugs or alcohol) within the past 10 years.


Mature Driver Improvement Course Discount

–       Must be 55+ years old

–       No accidents or tickets in the past 3 years

–       Have completed a Mature Driver Improvement Course within the past 3 years


Multiple Vehicle Discount

–       Offered when you insure 2+ vehicles


Multi-Policy Discount

–       Motorcycle/Home discount

–       Motorcycle/Renter discount

–       Motorcycle/Auto discount

–       Motorcycle/Life insurance discount


Safety Course and Safety Course Instructor Discount

If you’ve taken at least one of the courses below or you’re a safety course instructor, you’ll qualify for this discount

–       Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Motorcycle Rider Course: Riding and Street Skills

–       MSF Experienced Rider course

–       Any other state-approved, motorcycle specific, rider safety course that involves at least 4 hours of training (not geared towards racing).


Persistency Discount

–       Discount applied after 1 continuous year


Anti-Lock Break (ABS) Discount


Air Bag Discount


Whether you enjoy weekend rides on a cruiser, bar hopping on a custom chopper or bobber, dicing up the curves on a top-notch sport bike or testing your skills on the track, Einhorn Insurance has the coverage you need.


For more information or a quote for motorcycle insurance to cover track days, give Einhorn Insurance a call at 858-336-4644, email us at or visit

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