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Car insurance can be a love-hate relationship.  You hate paying for it, but when you need it, you love having it.  Not to mention, the state of California requires you carry auto insurance.

Here are a few tips to help you save money on car insurance.

Professional Discount

Many companies offer professional discounts or discounts for certain 4 year college degrees.

–       Engineer

–       Firefighter/Police Officer

–       Scientist or have a 4 year degree in Chemistry, Biology, Kinesiology, Computer Technology..etc.

–       Doctor or Nurse

–       Teacher or Professor

–       Attorney

–       Marriage and Family Therapist

–       Veterinarian

–       Certified Public Accountant CPA

–       Military

–       Dentist

–       Librarian

–       Real Estate Agent

–       Speech Therapist

A professional discount can decrease your car insurance by a significant amount!

Completion of Certain Driving Courses & Grades

Some insurance carriers offer discounts to Seniors and Teenage drivers that have completed defensive or safe driving courses.  Teenage drivers can also save big bucks if they are Good Students.  If you’ve completed a class or are willing to take a class, talk to your insurance provider to see if you can get a discount.

Getting Married or Living With Your Partner?

Couples combine so many facets of their life, but they often forget about car insurance.  When you insure your car with your spouse’s car, you’ll get a multi-car discount.

Because the state of California does not allow same sex couples to legally marry, we STILL honor these couples with the same discounts married couple receive.  As long as you and your partner are living under the same roof, we are happy to provide you with these discounts.

Who insures your Home or do you have Renters Insurance?

Why not take advantage of an auto/home or auto/renter discount.  In insurance lingo, this is known as bundling all your policies together and many carriers reward you for placing all your insurance with them.

Have you moved recently?

Auto insurance rates are largely determined by your zip code or even street.  Insurance companies look at areas and calculate the number of stolen vehicles, vandalized cars, accidents, types of claims made in that area….etc to determine rates.   If you move into a neighborhood where these variables are less frequent, your rates can go down.  But, move into a neighborhood with more accidents and car thefts, your rates can jump.

Although price is an important thing to consider when buying auto insurance, we want to stress the importance of having the right coverage.  When you are in a car accident or your car is stolen, you don’t call your insurance company and ask, “how much did I pay this year?”  Your first question is going to be “Am I covered for this?”

Einhorn insurance believes it’s better to pay a few bucks more to have the right coverage and feel confident you are covered.  We briefly go over the coverages with our clients so they can have enough basic knowledge to by the best coverage while still being cost conscious.

For questions about your car insurance, call us at 619-313-4643, email or check out

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