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We wanted to say thank you to Troy, Annette, Tito and Sable Smith for coming over yesterday and helping us with our pit bull Bernice.

Before the age of 2, Bernice had been attacked by 4 dogs (not at the same time).  I thought these attacks made Bernice dog aggressive, but Troy and Annette Smith with Peace For Pit Bulls taught me differently. 

Apparently, I am the one that needs to be trained.  My memory of these attacks run through my mind every time I’m about to take Bernice for a walk.  Troy taught me that Bernice senses my anxiety and this is what is causing her to be fearful. 

This makes complete sense.  How can Bernice be a confident dog when she doesn’t have a pack leader?

I swear Troy has a magic wand in his back pocket.  Within 10 minutes, Troy had Bernice walking side-by-side (less than 2 inches apart) with their pit bull, Tito.  This is the first time in 6 years that Bernice has been around another dog.  I was speechless, amazed, awestricken and unbelievably impressed with Troy.  It was as if I had my own Cesar Millan and Daddy duo.

For years, I’ve been calling dog trainers and they all told me that Bernice would never be able to be around other dogs OR that it would take months of training before I could even introduce her to another dog.  Again…I’m just so impressed with Troy’s ability to understand the breed.

Annette and Troy are the founders of LARPO, Los Angeles Responsible Pit Bull Owner’s Meetup Group.  The purpose of this awesome group is to bring together responsible pit bull owners in the greater Los Angeles area.  Troy and Annette’s mission is to join together as an active group to participate in activities, events, pit bull advocacy, education/training classes and community outreach in order to promote a positive image to the American Pit Bull Terrier and Bully breed dogs.  For more information, check out

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