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Einhorn Insurance offers GREAT RATES for Mexican Auto Insurance for Memorial Day Weekend. cheap mexican auto insurance memorial day


In less than 5 minutes, you can buy Mexican Auto Insurance ON LINE for Memorial Day weekend at  You can even print out proof insurance.


Our website allows you to compare rates with top rated Mexican Car Insurance companies.  No need to get out of your car at the border for overpriced Mexican Auto Insurance with excess fees.  Who wants to have to go to an office and wait 30 minutes to get car insurance for Mexico?


Remember, DON’T DRIVE INTO MEXICO without Mexican Car Insurance! Your current car insurance may provide some coverage in Mexico, but ONLY to your own car (and probably only within 25 miles of the border). 


If you are in an accident while driving in Mexico, you must have cash or a Mexican insurance policy AT THE TIME OF THE ACCIDENT to pay for damages or injuries.  Mexico Law requires you to have “proof of financial responsibility” while driving in Mexico.  Proof of financial responsibility covers injuries to other people (if you hurt them in an accident), and covers damage their property/car.

Without a Mexican Auto policy, you could spend many hours (or days) in jail and your car will be impounded. In Mexico, CAR ACCIDENTS ARE A CRIMINAL matter; in the US, most auto accidents are only a Civil Matter.

Our policies offer towing, road side assistance and will fly you out of Mexico if you’re injured in a car accident.

If you need Mexican Auto Insurance for Memorial Day Weekend, check out


For information on border crossings, visit


Before you head out to Mexico, make sure to remember your:

–       Passport

–       Valid Driver’s License

–       Notarized travel permission letter if traveling with minors without their parents.

–       All up to date records of Rabies shots for pets you are traveling with.



Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend!

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