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Massachusetts Dog liability insurance covers you and your dog if your dog causes bodily injury to other people or their animals.  As a dog owner, you are responsible for medical fees (hospital visits, stiches, plastic surgery, etc), legal expenses, pain and suffering, and the injured person’s lost wages (if they can’t work due to the injuries caused by your dog).  If your dog hurts another dog or animal, you are responsible for vet bills and burial expenses.


Einhorn Insurance offers dog liability insurance to Massachusetts residents.  Our policies cover all dog breeds, including Pit Bulls, Staffordshire Terriers, Rottweilers, Dobermans, Akitas, Dobermans, German Shepherds…etc.


Einhorn Insurance has helped many people in Massachusetts with dog liability insurance when:

–       Their home, condo, townhome or renters insurance has dropped them because of their dog’s breed.

–       They have difficulty finding a place to rent with their 4-legged family members.

–       Their dog has been labeled as dangerous, vicious or potentially dangerous/vicious.

–       A dog has bit another animal or person.

–       A dog has damaged someone else’s property.

–       They just want to be responsible and carry dog liability insurance.


If you are a landlord in Massachusetts, we highly encourage you to make it mandatory for your tenants to carry dog liability insurance and list you as an Additional Insured on the policy.  This will help protect your assets and you’ll be sent a letter if your tenant ever cancels the policy or if the policy lapses due to non-payment.


At Einhorn Insurance, we believe owners of ALL dog breeds should carry insurance for their dogs in Massachusetts.  It’s not just the “dangerous” breeds that cause claims.  We have seen more claims with Golden Retrievers, Cocker Spaniels and Dachshunds than we have with Pit Bulls.  Also, keep in mind, not all dog claims are bite related.  We had a Labrador jump on someone to play and that person fell back and hurt their back.  This person needed a surgery which cost $40,000.  The dog wasn’t acting aggressively, but a dog related claim still occurred.


Here are some interesting stats that may help you see why having dog liability insurance is so important:

  •   1/3 of home insurance claims are dog related (Insurance Information Institute).
  • Approximately $4.7M people are bitten annually by dogs of all breeds.
  • Over 50% of these bites occur on the owner’s property.
  • This results in $800,000 injuries requiring medical attention (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).
  • Almost $400,000 of these injuries affect children.
  • Dog bites rank as the 2nd most common cause of childhood hospital ER visits.
  • $26,166 – Average cost per dog claim.

* Stats provided by Insurance Information Institute and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


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