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Lake Elsinore Home Insurance For Homes Near Brush or Fire Areas

Lake Elsinore is a city with beautiful homes, affordable housing, great restaurants, shopping, and extreme sports.

The city of Lake Elsinore, 92532, is organized into 11 districts: The Alberhill, Ballpark, Business, Countryclub Heights, East Lake, Historic, Lake Edge, Lake Elsinore Hills, Lake View, North Peak, and Riverview Districts.  Each district has its own unique geography, culture and history which make Lake Elsinore a unique and diverse city.

Some of these Lake Elsinore districts are located in high brush and fire areas.  For this reason, home owners and renters may find it difficult to find home, fire or renters insurance in 92532.

Einhorn Insurance also provides insurance policies for landlords that rent out homes in Lake Elsinore.

Whether you are in escrow (buying a home), or you currently own a home in Lake Elsinore, Einhorn Insurance offers excellent home insurance rates in Lake Elsinore and its surrounding areas.  Most insurance companies are either unable to issue home insurance policies or they charge extra for high brush areas.  Einhorn Insurance can insure properties within 100 feet to brush with an A rated insurance company.

For more information regarding home and fire insurance in Lake Elsinore for homes near brush or in high fire risk areas, contact:

Einhorn Insurance

PH: 858-336-4644


VISIT: Our California fire insurance information page

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