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As we gear up for a weekend full of fun, sun, BBQs, fireworks and celebration, it’s important to remember to keep your dog safe this 4th of July weekend. dog liability insurance


Here are a few tips to make sure our furry friends are ok:


1.     Keep dogs indoors in a quiet area.  Some dogs can act aggressively or destructive when frightened.  If your dog has a tendency to get anxious, remove all items/toys that can be chewed.  You may want to leave the TV or radio on to drown out other loud noises.


2.    Don’t take your dog to fireworks displays.  Large crowds + loud noise = stress for dogs.


3.    DO NOT leave your dog in the car.  Although it may seem breezy and comfortable outside, cars can heat up very quickly (even in the shade).  In a very short amount of time, the interior of a car can heat up to temperatures over 120 degrees.  Cracked windows DO NOT provide enough air to keep pets cool in closed vehicles.


4.    We insure several of the Michal Vick survivors, Katrina rescues and other pit bulls used for fighting or as bait dogs.  Even if your dog doesn’t fall into this category, they may still have a distressed personality.  Consult your vet before the holiday to see if they can provide any helpful tips or medications to ease your dog’s anxiety.


5.    Never leave your dog unattended in a fenced yard, tethered outside of a shop or on a chain (chaining is illegal in the state of CA).  If scared, dogs that normally wouldn’t leave the yard may escape or become entangled in their chains/leashes while trying to escape.


6.    Make sure your dogs have a microchip or their tag information is current.


It’s nice to share your holiday meals with your pets, just remember turkey/chicken bones splinter and cause intestinal blockage or internal lacerations.  Also, chocolate is highly toxic to pets!


Einhorn Insurance wishes you and your pets a safe and Happy 4th of July.  Just remember to keep your dog safe this Fourth of July weekend.

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