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dog liability insurance for pit bulls

The San Francisco SPCA offers FREE spay and Free neuter surgeries for All Pit Bulls and Pit Bull Mixes. 


If you are interested in spaying or neutering your Pit Bull/Pit Mix, contact the San Francisco SPCA at 415-554-3030 to schedule an appointment.  Please click this link for more information .


During the month of February 2012 the San Francisco SPCA is working with Univision San Francisco to run a 5 week campaign promoting the SPCA’s services (including free spay and neuter surgeries). 


This program will educate the public on:

–  Proper pet care

–  Adoption

–  The importance of spay and neuter

–  Youth programs offered

–  Dog training methods


Due to back yard breeders and pet overpopulation, over 60% of dogs euthanized in the City of San Francisco are Pit Bulls or part Pit Bull.  People think they can make a fast buck selling puppies or they think “it’s fun to have a litter.” 


Unfortunately, most of the people that take a puppy don’t realize the work, cost and time needed to dedicate to the dog.  So, they dump their dogs off at the humane society where it will most likely be put down (especially if it’s a Pit Bull). 


There are many reasons to spay and neuter your dog(s).

  1.  Did you know that a majority of dog bites and dog related insurance claims involve unneutered males?  Claims can easily reach $100,000 and a great way to avoid a claim is to start by neutering or spaying your dogs.
  2. You may increase your dog’s life by 1-3 years as spaying and neutering greatly reduces the risk of cancer.
  3. You’ll help with overpopulation.
  4. Unneutered dogs feel the need to get out and find a mate.  When these dogs roam the streets they can get hit by a car, get into fights, bite people, mate with other dogs or get picked up by animal control.


Einhorn Insurance encourages you to be a responsible Pit Bull owner.   We provide home, condo, landlord, renters and liability insurance to owners of all dog breeds (even Pit Bulls).  Our policies include liability insurance to cover your Pit Bull, Chow, Doberman, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Staffordshire Terrier…etc.. 

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