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Do you clean the lint trap every time you do load of laundry?  Lint build-up causes about 15,000 dryer fires a year.  

The dryer duct is the length of tubing that connects your dryer to an exterior wall where hot air exhausts can be released.  This is not the lint screen (the thing you pull out that traps all the hair/lint).  Lint screens are usually very easy to access and usually can be found on top of the dryer or right inside the dryer.

 How can you prevent a dryer fire?

–       If clothes are still damp after a normal cycle, the lint screen or exhaust vent may be blocked.

–       Check the exhaust vent while the dryer is running to make sure air is escaping freely.

–       Metal dryer ducts provide maximum airflow.  If you have plastic or foil ducts, consider switching to metal.

–       If you suspect a lint blockage, call and air-duct cleaning dryer duct and clean out the duct if needed.

 It is easy to prevent dryer fires.  For more questions, contact Einhorn Insurance at 858-336-4644 or visit

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