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Ahhhh, so you’re looking for a place to rent with your 4 legged best friend(s).  Often times, it’s a task much easier said than done. 

When you see the words “Pet Friendly or Dog Friendly”, it’s not a slam dunk that you can rent at this property.  It means the landlord it open to pets, but you may have to meet their specific criteria.  For example, they may only allow a certain number of pets OR they may allow dogs, but only up to a certain weight OR only allow certain dog breeds.

So, what can you do to make you and your pets look like wonderful prospective tenants?

–          Create a resume for your pets mentioning their awesome behavior.  Are your pets friendly with other animals and people?  Have they had any training (show certificates)?  If you adopted your pets, were they assessed by a behaviorist?  Perhaps you can obtain a reference or recommendation from the entity (rescue organization, humane society, etc.) that you adopted your pet.

–          If you rented in the past and left on good terms with your previous landlord, ask them to write a positive reference letter on you behalf mentioning that he/she never had any concerns or issues with your pet.

–          Let your new prospective landlord know how and why you are a responsible pet owner.  For example, you have a renters insurance policy (that includes coverage for your pet), walk your dog on a leash, carry poop bags at all times, carry a flashlight on night potty breaks, behavior classes, hire a pet sitter when you are away, put your pet in a crate or kennel when strangers are in the house, be aware of the surrounding environment (other dogs, people including kids around, etc.).

From the landlord’s perspective, one of the most important things to show your responsibility (as a pet owner) is to have a Renters or Dog Liability Insurance policy that includes coverage for the unintentional actions of your pets.  Check out Einhorn Insurance at for more information.  They will even speak to your landlord, discussing the coverage the policy offers and how it benefits the landlord and the tenant.

If you are a landlord, it is extremely important to make Renters Insurance a condition of renting out your property, regardless if the tenants have pets.  Renters Insurance is a great way to protect your assets from the actions of your tenants (and their pets).

If you find a pet friendly rental, PLEASE tell us about it so we can help other responsible pet owners!

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