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Dog Bite Prevention Week Is May 15-May 21 2011.

It’s no doubt that irresponsible dog owners ruin it for the rest of us.  When I tell people I am the proud owner of a pit bull, they either look at me like I’m nuts or they say the token phrase, “pit bulls have such a bad rap.”  This used to really bother me, but I now try to educate non-pit bull owners by explaining, it’s not the dog, but the owner that’s the problem.  Of course you have dogs that are just born aggressive, but this is the case with any breed.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, studies show that dog bite claims accounted for more than 33% of ALL home insurance claims in 2009.  During 2009, $412 Million was paid out as a result of dog bites. Insurance payouts related to these claims have grown 30% in 6 years with the average dog bite claim around $24,000.

We believe the first step in responsible dog ownership is prevention.  Because our pit bull, Bernice, is afraid of other dogs, we avoid situations where she may act aggressively due to fear.  Prevention is A MUST in avoiding dog bites or dog related claims.  As a dog owner, we strongly urge you to avoid situations that set your dog up for failure.

Our agency has experienced several dog claims.  The most unfortunate thing about these claims is that both the dogs (most are put down) and the innocent victims suffer.  Each of our claims could have been easily avoided had the dog’s owner been more aware, accountable and responsible.

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