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Are you having trouble finding fire insurance or home insurance because your property is near brush, weeds or near dry vegetation?  fire insurance high brush area

Einhorn Insurance has a creative way to clear brush and manage the vegetation around your property to make it easier to find home insurance in a high brush area or wildfire zone.

Why not rent goats as a means of fire prevention?

Elm Goats is a San Diego based company that focuses on environmentally conscious brush abatement which provides fire breaks and a defensible space around your home.

Rent these adorable creatures and in a matter of days, they’ll eat up heavy brush and leave behind nutrients for healthier soil.  The great thing about goats is that they can handle almost any terrain.  So, if a person or machine can’t access an area, a goat can!

If you live in a water challenged area such a dry canyon, desert or flood plain, goats are especially a great option.

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Are you in a high brush area and your current home insurance company is dropping you?  Maybe you’re buying a house and can’t find home insurance in a high risk area?  If that’s the case, check out Einhorn Insurance.  Einhorn Insurance provides fire insurance and home insurance for properties in high brush zones.  We are able to issue insurance policies throughout California.

Einhorn Insurance also offers free Fire Prevention Kits which include:

–       A household inventory booklet so you can keep a record of all your personal property.

–       A Homeowners checklist that can show you how to protect your home from fires.

–       A DVD that teaches causes of fire and fire prevention.


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If you insure your home with Einhorn Insurance and live in a wildfire area in San Diego, we will donate a lunch in your honor to your responding fire station.  This is our way of saying Thank You to the men and women that risk their lives to save ours.

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