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Einhorn Insurance offers life insurance policies with NO NEEDLES involved. 


With our non-medical life insurance policies, you won’t have to pee in a cup, you won’t have to have a nurse do a medical exam, you won’t have to take a blood test.  In 5 minutes – 24 hours, we can tell you if you qualify for a life insurance policy and we don’t need to call your doctor to get medical records.


Our policies start as low as $13/month.  We offer great rates and fast coverage!


When you “step out,” life insurance “steps in” to help pay for funeral expenses, rent, bills, mortgage, college, school, groceries, car payments…etc.  It provides an income so the surviving family members have time to get their life back together.


For a quick quote, email Einhorn Insurance at or call us at 858-336-4644.


The great thing about life insurance is that once you have a policy, your rate is locked in.  Even if you get cancer during the time of the policy, the life insurance company can’t raise your rates or cancel you for the policy term.  But, you can cancel the policy at any time with no cancellation fees and no penalty fees.


Even infants can get a no medical test life insurance policy.


EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE SOME LIFE INSURANCE! It is the Responsible thing to do. 


Over the past two years, 4 of our clients have died unexpectedly.


5 Month Old Boy:    

The parents of this boy went on vacation and left their son with the grandparents.  While on vacation, the little boy died in the middle of the night from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).  If the child had life insurance, the parents could have taken time off work to grieve the loss.  But, the parents had to borrow money for a funeral and go back to work within a week to pay their bills.


It’s also important to get children life insurance policies as they may be diagnosed with something that hinders their chance of getting life insurance in the future.  For example, a client got a policy for their daughter when she was 8 years old.  At 10, she was diagnosed with Asthma.  Nothing life threatening, but life insurance companies either decline people with Asthma or these individuals will pay much higher rates due to their medical condition.  This is also the case for diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, thyroid problems, depression…etc.


Father Has A Heart Attack At Home Depot

A 49 year old father of 3 children was at Home Depot and had heart attack in the middle of the isle.  He never complained of feeling sick and had no warning a heart attack was on the horizon.  Fortunately, he had a life insurance policy and his children will be able to go to college.


Teenage Son Dies in a Motorcycle Accident

This 18 year old was out riding his motorcycle with friends on a night ride.  They were on a course he wasn’t familiar with and hit a wall going 80 miles per hour.  His mother had to use all of her saving for a funeral because he didn’t have life insurance.


Mother Dies On Vacation

A family decided to go camping and go ATV riding.  They took their ATVs out on a windy day and were hit by a sand storm.  Unknowingly, the mother veered of the ATV path onto the highway where she was hit by a truck.


Unfortunately people don’t think about life insurance until they are sick or older.  At that point, you may not qualify for a policy because of a pre-existing condition or the policy is too expensive.  The younger you are or the healthier you are, the less expensive the life insurance.  As you get older, life insurance gets more and more costly.


We know you have bills and are on a budget, but life is something you don’t want to skimp on.  Einhorn Insurance can help you with a low-cost life insurance policy with NO MEDICAL testing.


Be responsible.  Call us to get a quote and see if you qualify for a no medical test life insurance policy. 858-336-4644 or email at



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