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Many insurance companies will not insure your vacant home if it has a pool and the insurance carrier will most likely exclude liability coverage from the policy.

This lack of coverage is a liability exposure, especially if your vacant property is on the market and realtors are showing it to buyers.

Vacant home insurance is different than standard home insurance as an empty property has more risks than an occupied one.

Most vacant home insurance policies don’t provide extended replacement coverage, but if your property is less than 25 years old, we can add replacement cost coverage.

If your home becomes vacant for longer than a few weeks, you most likely need a vacant home policy (especially if you have a pool).  Many people are under the impression their home insurance is sufficient to cover a vacant home.  But, if you read the policy, most home insurance, there are usually exclusions for neglect or abandonment of a property.

Your California Home Insurance or California Fire Insurance may not provide coverage if a property is vacant over a certain timeframe.  Each insurance carrier has their own definition of “Vacant.”  Usually a property is considered Vacant if it’s empty for 60+ or 90+ days.

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