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bike insurance track day

Not all California Motorcycle Insurance covers you and your bike at track days. 


Before you attend your next track day, we strongly recommend you call your motorcycle insurance provider and double check if you are covered while on a high speed closed course. 


You don’t want to find out you aren’t covered AFTER causing an accident on the track.


Einhorn Insurance knows that a motorcyclist with better bike skills leads to safer driving.  Track days are a great way for you to practice riding while learning more about your bike and motorcycle handling abilities.  Therefore Einhorn Insurance offers California Motorcycle Insurance that covers you and your bike on track days by providing full coverage and liability only policies.


Whether you enjoy weekend rides on a cruiser, bar hopping on a custom chopper or bobber, dicing up the curves on a top-notch sport bike or testing your skills on the track, Einhorn Insurance has the coverage you need. 


Our policies cover you on the road AND at track days with the following coverage:

–       Towing and roadside assistance

–       24 Hour Claims service

–       Trip Interruption Coverage

–       Safety Apparel Coverage

–       Optional Equipment Coverage

–       Optional Medical (for injury to yourself and others)


Not only does Einhorn Insurance offer GREAT coverage at competitive rates, we have many discounts!

–       Multi bike discount

–       Multi policy discount (Insure your car, bike, house, business and life with Einhorn Insurance and the discounts just stack up!)

–       Mature Driver Discount

–       Good Driver Discount

–       Safety Course Discount

–       Motorcycle Endorsement Discount


If you are looking for a motorcycle policy that covers you while at track days, give Einhorn Insurance a call at 858-336-4644 or email us at


Make sure you have coverage for damage to your bike, damage to other people’s bikes and that you can cover any medical bills if you accidentally hurt someone while on the track.


Drive safe and we look forward to hearing from you.

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