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If you live in California and need Fire Insurance for a vacant home, empty home, foreclosed home, or a non-occupied property, Einhorn Insurance is here to help.  We have just lowered rates on Vacant Home Insurance!


Many insurance companies don’t like to insure an empty property since the likelihood of a claim greatly increases.  For example:

–       A vacant house becomes very attractive to vandals, thieves and homeless people.  Our clients have had windows, fixtures and appliances stolen. 

–       Teenagers may find a vacant property a fun place to party and fall and slip while drunk.

–       Small children playing in a vacant home may try to crawl over a fence and get hurt or even worse, fall into a pool and drown. 

–       Your home is on the market and while potential buyers are looking at your property, they trip and get hurt.

–       Thieves come in and take all your copper plumbing.  This causes a leak and floods your home.


Our policies cover homes that are for sale, in the name of an estate, and/or under renovation.   The vacant home policy is especially great for savvy real estate investors that are flipping properties.


Einhorn Insurance understands that it may take a little longer for your home to sell.  If your current home insurance company sees your home is vacant, they could drop you.  Many people “forget to inform” their insurance company that their home is sitting vacant.  Insurance carriers are onto this game and have specific wording in the policy that says your home won’t be covered if vacant or unoccupied for a certain amount of time (usually between 30-60 days). 


Our California Fire Insurance and Vacant Home Insurance policy makes your life easy.

–       We bill you or your escrow company directly.

–       You are not locked in a 1 year policy and can cancel at any time.

–       We offer flexible (monthly) payment options.

–       We don’t have age restrictions on a home.  Many insurance companies don’t want to insure a vacant property if it’s over 50 years old.  We don’t have an issue with this.

–       You can insure an empty home for up to 36 months.

–       Our claims service it top notch!

–       We provide SAME DAY ESTIMATES!

–       We will contact your lender for you and let them know you have insurance.


For more information contact Einhorn Insurance at 858-336-4644 or email us at We can often get a policy started for you in less than an hour.


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