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Einhorn Insurance provides California auto insurance for your Antique, Custom, Classic and Collectible car.  You put a lot of time, money and effort into your vehicle and we want to make sure it’s properly protected.  Antique or Modified Auto Insurance is different from a standard California Car Insurance policy. modified kit car california car insurance


What makes a car a Collectible Auto?

Collectible cars aren’t your daily drivers and are mainly used for exhibitions, club activities, parades and other public events.   This policy is also great if you are also an occasional “pleasure use” driver.


Our California Antique, Custom and Classic Car Insurance policies cover both Antique and Modified vehicles.


What is an Antique or Classic Cars

An Antique/Classic car is 19+ years old and is a factory original or originally restored (both mechanically and cosmetically).   Antique vehicles aren’t just cars.  They also include light trucks, motorcycles, farm tractors, military vehicles, etc.


What is a Modified Vehicle?

A Modified car is altered from its original condition and can be anything from a customized street rod, performance tweaked vehicle, a replica and a kit car.  This car can be chopped, channeled, lowered, choromed, Frenched or flamed, hemi, mouse motor, side oiler, Caddy or an Olds Rocket, etc.


What is “Agreed Value”?

To properly insure your car, you provide us with an Agreed Value which signifies your car’s current market value.  If you have a total loss, you’ll receive the full agreed amount (less the deductible).  If at any time your vehicle’s value increase or decreases, we can change the amount of coverage.


What happens to your car if there is a claim?

As a Collectible car enthusiast, we assume you have a preferred car shop or individual.  Maybe you know how to repair your own car.  In the event of a claim, you may choose where to take your vehicle.


Einhorn Insurance can help you with:

–       Antique Car Insurance

–       Replica Car Insurance

–       Muscle Car Insurance

–       Classic Car Insurance

–       Custom Car Insurance

–       Car insurance for Woodies

–       Exotic Car Insurance

–       Insurance for your Hot Rod or Street Rod

–       Kit Car Insurance

–       Foreign and American Sports Car Insurance


For more information on California Antique, Custom & Classic Car Insurance, please email Einhorn Insurance at or call 619-313-4643.

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