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Einhorn Insurance recently reduced rates for California Restaurant and Bar Insurance!  Restaurant insurance rates for franchise operations are especially competitive as we offer significant discounts for these establishments!  cheap restaurant insurance california


Our policies cover all different types of restaurants and bars:

–       Limited Cooking: Subway, Quiznos, Dominos, etc. 

–       Quick Service/Fast Food: Burger King, KFC, Wendy’s, In-N-Out, McDonalds, etc.

–       Casual/Family Dining: Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Outback Steak House, etc.

–       Fine Dining: Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, Morton’s or other restaurants where the average meal is $20+.

–       Bars with and without food

–       Bars with entertainment including live music, pool tournaments, DJ’s, etc.

–       Restaurants and/or Bars with prior claims


No restaurant is too large or small.  Whether you are a new business, an existing restaurant/bar, have one small location or many, a franchisee, a family run restaurant, a deli in a business park, a Mom n’ Pop operation or a dog friendly restaurant, a sports bar, bar + grill, live entertainment venue, etc. our policies provide excellent coverage at reasonable rates. 


Most restaurant insurance carriers base the insurance policy premium on annual sales; if the location meets the proper criteria, we have the ability to determine rates on the square footage a customer has access to (dining area, patio, lobby, bar area, bathrooms, etc.).  This rating factor can make a huge difference in premium especially if your sales are high, but the area your customers can access is small (such as a quaint French Bistro or a posh Italian Trattoria).  This is a great advantage for restaurants and/or bars with a smaller footprint and higher annual sales; the insurance savings can be paramount!


Restaurant Owners can put their minds at ease with a California Restaurant Insurance policy with Einhorn Insurance.  Our policies offer coverage for:

–       Food Poisoning

–       Slip and Fall

–       Loss of Business Income (from contamination shut down, fire, vandalism, etc.)

–       Food Spoilage

–       Equipment Breakdown and/or equipment replacement

–       Tenants Improvements and Betterments (i.e. attached counters/shelves, physical bar, walk in refrigerator, etc.)

–       Business Personal Property (unattached items: tables, chairs, glasses, food, computers, etc.)

–       Crime such as Employee Dishonesty.

–       Liquor Liability (Protects owners from damages caused by customers that were served alcohol in your location)

–       Business Autos

–       And much more!


To save even more money, we bundle your Work Comp policy with your Restaurant Insurance and you’ll benefit from a multi-policy discount!


Whether you are a new restaurant or bar trying to keep your start-up costs low or you’re an established business looking to increase profit margins, Einhorn Insurance is here to support restaurant owners by finding the most comprehensive California Restaurant and Bar Insurance policies at competitive prices.  We even offer access to an association which can help you stay up to date on city, state and federal regulations as well as safety tips to avoid employee injuries and provide a safe working environment.


For more information and to get a California Restaurant Insurance estimate, call 858-336-4644 email or visit

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