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Adopting A Pit Bull can be the best thing you’ve ever done!  There are so many loving Pit Bulls in Rescues and Shelters that would love to be part of your family.


When you adopt a Pit Bull, from a credible rescue or shelter, your new family member will have a completed health evaluation, all their shots and be fixed (neutered or spayed).


Below are some Pit Bull facts that make this breed so wonderful and unique.


Many Pit Bulls are great with people and children.

Pit Bulls can make sweet and loyal family dogs. They are the best snuggle buddies and love to play.  If you have smaller children in your home, remember Pit Bulls are very strong and may accidentally knock a small child over.  Small children should never be allowed to walk a dog unsupervised or be around dogs while feeding.  This is the case with any breed of dog. 


Pit Bulls love to exercise!

This is a hardy breed which usually ranges from moderately active to extremely energetic.  We play fetch with our Pit Bull Bernice 2-3 times a day for about 10 minutes each session.  When she was younger (she’s now 8), these play sessions were about 20-30 minutes long.  It is very important for a Pit Bull to get exercise.  Without exercise they may become frustrated and this can lead to chewing and other destructive behavior.  Maybe you don’t want a high energy dog?  Then we urge you to consider adopting an older Pit Bull or senior Pit Bull.  They have all the wonderful personality traits of their younger friends, but are less energetic.


Socialize your Pit Bull as early as possible.

Dog-to-dog aggression can be an issue with Pit Bulls.  Socializing any breed of dog is very important at an early age.  The great thing about adopting a Pit Bull is the rescue or shelter you adopt from can tell you how the dog behaves with other dogs. We strongly encourage Pit Bull owners to avoid dog parks.  Our concern isn’t with your Pit Bull, but it’s the other dogs, irresponsible owners and diseases that we’re worried about.  For more reasons why we don’t like dog parks, check out


Pit Bulls Love to Learn

This is a breed that likes to be mentally stimulated.  By learning new skills, their confidence grows and a confident Pit Bull is a happy Pit Bull.  Many Pit Bulls graduate at the head of their obedience classes.  Pit Bulls also rank higher than Golden Retrievers and many other dog breeds when temperament tested!  To read about temperament testing, check out


Do your homework

Before you adopt a Pit Bull, make sure it’s ok with your landlord (if you rent) and your home insurance.  If you need help finding Pit Bull friendly dog liability Insurance, visit and hit the GET A QUOTE BUTTON.


Einhorn Insurance is happy to help people adopting a Pit Bull get the right insurance to cover their Pit Bull.

We can even help you find insurance for a Pit Bull that has been labeled as dangerous, vicious, potentially dangerous and potentially vicious.


Who Shouldn’t Adopt or Have A Pit Bull

If you are looking for a Pit Bull as a guard dog, this is not the breed for you.  Pit Bulls hate fighting and they are NOT meant to be outdoor dogs.  They have very short hair and get cold easily.  Additionally, if you are planning to keep a dog on a chain or want to use a Pit Bull for fighting, you should not adopt a dog at all.  A chained dog is an unhappy dog and will act out due to being so angry.  It’s illegal to keep a dog on a chain and it’s illegal to fight dogs.  Finally, if you are planning on breeding your Pit Bull, PLEASE DON’T!  You may think it will be “fun to have a litter,” but you never know where these puppies end up.  Often times once a Pit Bull starts to get older, the nostalgia of the cute little puppy wears off and these dogs are dumped at shelters and will often be euthanized within a week.


Adopting a Pit Bull, or any other type of dog, is an ongoing responsibility.  A dog is very different than a cat, fish or reptile.  Dogs require more attention and you have to be prepared for the additional time commitment.


Not 100% sure about adopting a dog, then we suggest you foster a Pit Bull for a local rescue.  Einhorn Insurance works with many rescues and we are happy to connect you with someone to discuss being a foster.


Einhorn Insurance strongly encourages you to adopt since millions of Pit Bulls are put down each year due to overbreeding, backyard breeding and puppy mills. The gratitude and unconditional love from an adopted Pit Bull will change your life forever. I’ve had several dogs (not Pit Bulls) before Bernice came into my life.  Pit Bulls are like no other breed and our home will never be without a Pit Bull.

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