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insurance for pit bull

If you are looking for a dog with a good temperament, a Pit Bull just may be the dog for you and your family.

If I had a dollar for every time I heard, “Pit Bulls are so great, they just get such a bad rap,” I wouldn’t need a job.

According to the American Temperament Test Society (2010-2011), 804 American Pit Bull Terriers were tested and 695 passed.  This means that 86.4% of Pit Bulls tested by the ATTS had a good temperament.  Pit Bulls pass rating was above 121 other breeds of dogs, including Golden Retrievers!

So, how did some of America’s other “favorite” breeds do?  Hopefully these figures will help diminish the negative stereotyping of Pit Bulls.

Golden Retriever = 84.9%

Beagle =80.6%

Bichon Frise =76.7%

Chihuahua =71.1%

Cocker Spaniel =81.9%

Labrador Retriever = 92.4%

Lhasa Apso = 70.4%

Shih Tzu = 78%

Yorkshire Terrier 82.5%

Imagine that!  The American Pit Bull Terrier had a better temperament than every dog on this list except the Lab.  Wow, do you think it could be the irresponsible owner and/or environment that’s the issue???

Several factors are taken into account by the American Temperament Test Society: the breed’s temperament, training, health and age.  A dog must be at least 18 months old to participate.

The test is evaluated by 3 trained individuals and takes about 12 minutes.  During this time, the dog is walked through a park or neighborhood where they experience visual, auditory and physical stimuli.  The dog will encounter neutral, friendly and threatening situations so the test administers can see if the dog can distinguish between threatening and non-threatening events.

The dog automatically fails if it shows panic without recovery, strong avoidance or unprovoked aggression.

So, to my fellow proud Pit Bull parents, next time an owner of another breed gives you attitude or the “stink eye,” check out where you can look up the passing temperament percentage of their dog.  I’d be willing to make a bet your Pit Bull is either better or close to the same passing rate.  A little education can go a long way!

What else can you do to tell people you’re a responsible Pit Bull parent?  You can make sure your home insurance or renters insurance includes dog liability coverage.

Einhorn Insurance specializes in dog liability insurance.  We can help you find Pit Bull liability insurance even if your Pit has a history of biting or has been deemed dangerous or potentially dangerous.

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