California Vacant Home Insurance

Not every company loves to insure Vacant Homes in California, but the Einhorn Insurance agency does. It doesn’t matter if the housing market is booming or in a slump, people own property that may become vacant longer than expected. –        Maybe you have become an executor of an estate with a vacant property, –       Maybe […]

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Pit Bull Friendly Insurance

  Einhorn Insurance offers dog liability insurance including: – Pit Bull friendly Home Insurance* – Pit Bull friendly Renters Insurance* – Pit Bull friendly Condo Insurance* – Pit Bull friendly Liability Insurance* – Pit Bull friendly Landlord Insurance*   As proud Pit Bull owners and Pit Bull advocates, we are especially sensitive to the needs […]

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Cheap Mexican Auto Insurance for Christmas and New Year

If you are heading to Mexico for Christmas and New Year, you’ll need Mexican Auto Insurance. To compare rates of top companies and buy Mexican Auto Insurance ON LINE in just minutes, visit   Print proof of insurance from home. Don’t waste 30 min at the border buying Mexican Auto Insurance!   Did you […]

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Home Insurance In California High Brush and Wild Fire Areas

  Einhorn Insurance provides home insurance and fire insurance in California high brush  zones and wild fire areas. There are many variables insurance companies consider when determining if you home is located in a California high brush zone: –      Topography :your surrounding terrain and landscape. –      Wind Patterns: Is your home located in an area […]

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Pit Bull Friendly Rentals In California, Arizona and Montana

  If you are looking for a Pit Bull Friendly Rental in California, Arizona or Montana, Stonesfair may have a community that is right for you!  Stonesfair welcomes responsible owners of all dog breeds and treats your pets like a resident.   Stonesfair offers apartment living in style with state of the art amenities.  Their […]

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