Home Insurance In California High Brush and Wild Fire Areas

  Einhorn Insurance provides home insurance and fire insurance in California high brush  zones and wild fire areas. There are many variables insurance companies consider when determining if you home is located in a California high brush zone: –      Topography :your surrounding terrain and landscape. –      Wind Patterns: Is your home located in an area […]

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Keep Pets Safe This Holiday Season

 The holidays can be a very busy time full of yummy food, guests and decorations.  With everything going on it’s easy for our pets to get into things when we aren’t looking. Here are a few things you can do to keep your pets safe during the holiday season.  Be aware of loud noises and […]

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Pit Bull Friendly Rentals In California, Arizona and Montana

  If you are looking for a Pit Bull Friendly Rental in California, Arizona or Montana, Stonesfair may have a community that is right for you!  Stonesfair welcomes responsible owners of all dog breeds and treats your pets like a resident.   Stonesfair offers apartment living in style with state of the art amenities.  Their […]

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Pit Bulls and the Media’s Ignorance

  As proud Pit Bull parents, the owners of Einhorn Insurance work daily to educate non-Pit Bull owners to form their own opinions about  Pit Bulls and less on the media’s perception.    The general public’s opinion is largely formulated on the media’s incorrect portrayal of Pit Bulls.  If an article or story negatively depicts […]

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California Motorcycle Insurance And Track Days

  Are you looking for California motorcycle insurance to cover you on track days?    You may think the motorcycle insurance you have covers track days in California, but it probably doesn’t.   Whether you enjoy weekend rides on a cruiser, bar hopping on a custom chopper or bobber, dicing up the curves on a […]

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Insurance for a Trustee or Executor Of A Vacant Home

Are you a Trustee, Executor or Beneficiary in need of vacant home insurance?    Einhorn Insurance can issue a Vacant Home insurance policy in just a few hours.  We can even list a trust, corporation or an estate as an insured on the policy. Inheriting or managing a vacant property can become a full time […]

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Clear Brush and Manage Vegetation Around Your Home

Are you having trouble finding fire insurance or home insurance because your property is near brush, weeds or near dry vegetation?  Einhorn Insurance has a creative way to clear brush and manage the vegetation around your property to make it easier to find home insurance in a high brush area or wildfire zone. Why not […]

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Home Insurance Cancelled Because Of Your Pit Bull?

If your home insurance is being cancelled or dropped because of your Pit Bull (or any other breed) we can help. Einhorn Insurance helps responsible dog owners with home, condo, renters and liability insurance to include coverage for their Pit Bull.*   Even if you Pit Bull has been declared as dangerous or potentially dangerous, […]

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Spay or Neuter Your Pit Bull for $20

  Spay or Neuter your Pit Bull or Pit Bull mix for only $20 on the Neuter Scooter.  This event is hosted by SNAP and takes place Saturday December 3, 2011.   You must call for an appointment and I believe you must live in a certain zip code for this particular event.  Call them […]

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Dog Aggression Class in San Diego

  Whole Dog Training is hosting a seminar on dog aggression at Whole Dog Training on Monday, November 28th at 7pm.  Humans only please.   The class will be taught by Nan Arthur, the author of “Chill Out Fido.  Nan has been training over 17 years and this class will help dog owners have a […]

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