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california fire insuranceAs a California home owner who lives in a high brush or wildfire area, you are probably finding it quite challenging to find home insurance. At Einhorn Insurance, we specialize in High Brush Home Insurance in California.

No, this is not your imagination. Over the past several years, insurance companies had experienced a large (and probably unexpected) amount of fire claims due to the recent California Wildfires. Because of this, insurance companies have reevaluated which areas of California they will and won’t cover.
We hear people on a daily basis say,

“I’ve been with my insurance company for over 10 years and never filed a claim. Why would they drop me or increase my rates?”

Well, they are cancelling policies (or significantly increasing rates) because your property is located in what the insurance company considers to be a high fire risk area.

Most insurance carriers don’t want to be on the hook if your house goes up in flames and it seems lately they are having a knee jerk reaction to insuring responsible property owners.

Einhorn Insurance specializes in assisting owners obtain home insurance if their property is in a California high brush area. We insure throughout the state of California and can usually get a policy issued in little time.

We understand your frustration and know that it’s not fair that this is happening (especially since those affected are in areas that have never had fires).

Don’t let finding high brush California home insurance keep you from buying the home of your dreams or from having you lender issue force placed insurance.

We are also able to help landlords and condo owners who own properties in high brush areas.

Are you a renter living in a high fire zone and need renters insurance? We can help you too.

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