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Einhorn Insurance eases the minds of many, but saves the lives of more by offering dog liability insurance for Pit Bulls and dangerous dogs.


What does liability insurance for pit bulls and dangerous dogs cover? california pit bull insurance

Dog liability insurance covers bodily injury or harm your dog(s) cause to other people or animals.  This can include medical bills, vet bills, surgeries, physical therapy, post traumatic stress disorder, attorney fees and compensates the injured person for lost wages.


You will also be covered if your dog(s) damage other people’s property (this does not include damage to the place you are renting).   In the world of insurance, a person’s pet is defined as “personal property.”  So, if your dog damages or kills another animal, this is an example of personal property that is covered.


Who needs liability insurance or Pit Bulls and Dangerous Dogs?

Everyone.  Even if your dog is not labeled as “dangerous” or is a “blacklisted breed”, as a responsible pet owner, you are responsible for your pet’s actions. 


We understand that your dog may not be aggressive or they may not be an “aggressive breed”, but dog liability insurance doesn’t just cover dog bites or dog attacks.  We have had claims where a Labrador was playing with a child and accidentally knocked the child over causing them to hit their head on a coffee table.  This was a $6500 claim. 


Here are a few other examples which could result in a dog liability claim:  Your dog barks and scares someone causing them to trip and fall.  Your dog jumps on a person as a friendly greeting and accidentally scratches that person.  Your dog plays with another dog and unintentionally hurts the other dog. 


How much does the average dog liability claim pay out?

The average dog claim is about $25,000.  Without insurance, you may have to pay thousands of dollars for someone’s medical bills, lost wages and attorney fees.  Although many dog related claims don’t cause serious injury, but it’s the plastic surgery, scars, post-traumatic stress and loss of wages that cause claims to go thru the roof.

In this economy, people are looking at any opportunity to sue others to make a few bucks.  Why take the chance when you can carry canine liability insurance?


Does Einhorn Insurance Cover All Dog Breeds?

Yes, Einhorn Insurance has policies to cover all breeds including Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans, Akitas, Staffordshire Terriers, Chows, Grate Danes, Huskies…etc.  


Even if Animal Control has deemed your dog as dangerous, vicious, potentially dangerous or potentially vicious, Einhorn Insurance can help.


If this is an emergency, please email us at and let us know what your situation is and how much time you have to get a policy.  If your dog is at Animal Control and is going to be euthanized, please do not to wait until last minute to get dog liability insurance.


Please note, liability insurance for Pit Bulls and dangerous dogs is not to be confused with health insurance for dogs.  If you need health insurance for your pets, please visit


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