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Home Insurance With A Dog Exclusion Einhorn Insurance offers Home Insurance With A Dog Exclusion which allows you to keep your dog living with you.  Even if the claim is still open, we can help.

If you’ve had to file a home insurance claim involving your dog and your current carrier is dropping you, you’ve come to the right place.

We speak with dog owners on a daily basis who have non-aggressive dogs, but due to a random incident, had to file a claim.  In today’s litigious climate, people will sue for the smallest things.  Even a scratch from a playful dog or a nip from an over excited puppy can result in a claim.

While most carriers will force you to get rid of your dog or remove your dog from the premises, Einhorn Insurance can provide you with home, condo or renters insurance that WILL ALLOW YOU TO KEEP YOUR DOG(S), even after a claim.  Our goal is to keep your family together.

As a responsible dog owner, you shouldn’t have to give up your 4-legged family member because they had an incident.

“I remember being a kid and it was normal to hear about someone getting bit by a dog.  Very rarely did you ever hear about someone getting sued because their dog bit or caused injury.  Today, people are sue happy because they know insurance companies have deep pockets and will pay out to keep attorney costs down.  Most of the people we assist that have filed a claim involving their dog say the event was a one-time incident and their dog has never shown any previous signs of aggression.  Sadly, insurance companies have a ‘one and done’ outlook on dog bite or dog injury claims and will drop even the most loyal customers after an incident.” Dori Einhorn, Owner of Einhorn Insurance.


If you’ve had to file a home insurance claim because your dog has bit or injured a person or other dog (animal), your home insurance carrier may non-renew your policy.  The insurance companies don’t seem to care if the incident is 100% bogus or that the victim was provoking your dog, they’ll still pay the injured party to get the claim closed.  We’ve seen “victims” of dog claims blatantly lie and make the incident far worse than it really was.  But, to an insurance company, a claim is a claim and they may drop you regardless of the reason or the fabricated story told by the “victim.”


After a dog bite or dog liability claim, you may find most home insurance carriers will deny coverage, exclude ALL liability coverage or charge extremely high rates.  Einhorn insurance can offer you home, condo or renters insurance which includes liability coverage for you and the human members of your family.  Because of the incident, coverage for your dog(s) will be excluded, but you can still have them live with you.  This is known as home insurance with a dog exclusion.


Our agency does offer a separate dog liability policy just to cover dogs with a bite and/or claim history, but it’s not mandatory to cover your dog(s) to qualify for a home insurance policy with Einhorn Insurance.

We HIGHLY recommend carrying dog liability insurance to make sure your dog and assets are protected.


Below are examples of stories we hear every day.  If your dog has bit or injured another person or animal, you are definitely not alone.

  • “My dog bit the UPS delivery guy.”
  • “My dog bit the Postman.”
  • “My dog bit the Gardner.”
  • “My dog bit a neighborhood kid that has been teasing my dog for a long time.”
  • “My dog bit a house guest/friend because they tried to pet my dog, even after I told them not to go near my dog.”
  • “My dog was playing with a toy and accidentally jumped on or nipped my friend trying to get the toy.”
  • “I was walking my dog and my dog got in a fight with another dog. The owner of the other dog reached their hand in between the dogs and got bit. I don’t even know if my dog was the one that bit, but I’m getting sued.”
  • “My friend put her face up to my dog’s face and my dog got their lip.”
  • “My dog dug under the fence and killed/injured the neighbor’s dog.”
  • “My dog escaped from the house and got in a fight with another dog.”

….and the examples go on and on and on and on…..

For more information on home insurance with a dog exclusion or home insurance with a dog bite claim, please visit and click the yellow GET A QUOTE button.

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