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Home Insurance After A Dog Bite Claim

Has your dog has bit or injured a person or animal and you’ve had to file an insurance claim?  Were you dropped by your home insurance carrier?  If so, Einhorn Insurance is here to help you obtain home insurance after a dog bite claim.

Dog bite or dog injury claims are one of the most common reasons property owners file a claim. Each year, the number of dog injury related claims is on the rise.

Dog liability claims account for approximately 1/3 of all home insurance claims. A majority of home insurance companies have a “one and done” protocol. Once an insurance company is aware of the first dog incident/claim (where your dog causes injury to other people/animals or property*), your home insurance will probably exclude coverage for any future dog related incidents.

The public’s perception of a dog claim is that it involves a dangerous dog or vicious breed. Your dog doesn’t need to be an “aggressive” breed or bite to cause a dog liability claim. We see many claims involving non-aggressive, well-behaved dogs of all breeds. For example, an excited Labrador can jump up to say “Hello,” and cause someone to fall backwards and hit their head. Regardless of the reason for the incident, Einhorn is here to help you obtain home insurance after a dog bite claim.

What happens if you’ve had to file a dog liability claim?

It’s common for your home insurance carrier to drop your policy after filing a dog liability home insurance claim. The company that insures the home at the time of the incident is responsible to pay the damages, even if they decide not to renew a home policy when the current policy expires. There are some home insurance carriers that will continue to insure your home: but, they may have conditions. You may be required to find a new home for your dog or the price of your policy may skyrocket. Even if the payout on a claim is only $1, the incident still shows up on your clue report and counts against your claim history.

Can I keep my dog(s) after a dog liability or dog bite claim?

Yes! Einhorn Insurance offers responsible pet owners home, condo and renters insurance that will allow you to keep dog(s). Even after you’ve filed a dog bite or dog liability claim (regardless of how much was paid out), your dog(s) can still live with you. We also have landlord/non-owner occupied policies if a property owner has had to file a claim as a result of a tenant’s dog.

Can I insure my dog and home on one policy after a dog bite claim?

Once a claim is filed, we aren’t aware of an admitted carriers that will insure your dog under a home insurance policy.  Our agency can assist you with home insurance that will allow you to keep your dog living with you. We offer (and highly recommend) a separate dog liability policy because you can still be sued if you don’t carry insurance on your dog(s). Please note, it isn’t mandatory to purchase the stand-alone dog liability policy to qualify for home, condo, renter or landlord insurance with Einhorn Insurance.

If I purchase dog liability insurance, does this cover me away from home?

We offer dog liability policies that provide coverage while you are at and away from home. Some policies will reduce coverage for dog incidents that occur away from your property. For example, it’s not uncommon for a company to offer reduced or “dropped down” coverage if you are on a dog walk, at a dog park, at a restaurant with your dog, etc. The dog liability policies Einhorn Insurance offers DO NOT reduce in coverage when you leave your property.

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