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Home Insurance With a Dog Bite Claim in California If you are looking for home insurance after a dog bite claim in California, Einhorn Insurance can help*.  Our agency specializes in Home Insurance With a Dog Bite Claim in California.  


If you have had to make a dog bite or dog related incident against your home insurance, your current carrier will probably not renew your policy. Unfortunately most insurance carriers don’t care if the reason for the claim is bogus, an accident or just a fluke.  They will still drop you. 


We speak with many responsible dog owners who have had dog claims with non-aggressive dogs.  Although unfortunate, we understand that sometimes things just happen and you still need home insurance. 


We’ve seen “victims” of dog bite claims stretch the truth, get attorneys involved and make the incident far worse than it really was.  Again, to an insurance company, a claim is a claim and they may drop you regardless of the reason or the fabricated story told by the “victim.”


Once you have a dog bite claim, when searching for new home insurance, you’ll find that most home insurance carriers won’t even cover your home.  Other insurance companies may cover your home, but will exclude ALL liability (even for your family members). 


Einhorn insurance can offer you a home, condo, renter or landlord insurance policy that will allow you to exclude your dog (or your tenant’s dog) AND we will still cover your home and offer liability coverage to your family.


Unfortunately, once you do have a dog related claim on your record, there isn’t a standard home insurance carrier that will offer you coverage for your dog and your home.


If desired, Einhorn Insurance does offer stand-alone dog liability insurance for dogs with a bite and claim history.  You are not required to purchase this policy in order for us to provide you with home insurance.  Although highly recommended, dog liability insurance is optional, not mandatory. 


Our dog liability insurance includes coverage for dogs that have been labeled as dangerous, potentially dangerous, vicious, potentially vicious or if the dog is found “running at large.”


Home insurance coverages include:

  • ·         Dwelling – Rebuilds your home in the event of a loss (fire, lightening, wind, hail, vandalism, theft, water damage…etc.).
  • ·         Separate Structures (detached garages, fences, guest/pool house ,..etc.).
  • ·         Personal Property & Replacement Cost– Your personal property is replaced at current market value, not the depreciate value.
  • ·         Building Code Upgrades
  • ·         Guest Medical
  • ·         Liability** – Coverage is someone gets hurt on your property.  Also covers unintentional acts committed by you or qualified family living with you which cause bodily injury or property damage to others.
  • ·         Loss of Use– In the event of a loss, you will be compensated if you have to live elsewhere while your home is being repaired/rebuilt.


Looking for a discount on your home insurance?   We thought so!  Discounts for:

–       Various professions or college degrees

–       Auto/Home Insurance Discount

–       Auto/Home/Life Insurance Discount

–       Alarm System Discount

–       50+ Years Old Discount

–       Interior Sprinkler Discount

–       Newer Home Discount


For more information on home insurance after a dog bite claim in California or to GET A QUOTE, please visit and click GET A QUOTE. 

*Insurance availability restricted in various zip codes throughout California. 

** No liability coverage for pets if an animal exclusion exists, but separate dog liability policy can be purchased to fill gap in coverage.

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