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High Brush Home Insurance and Public Protection Class We are often asked what high brush home insurance and Public Protection Class (PPC) have to do with each other. A property’s PPC score is very important as most all insurers in the USA use PPC in calculating home and property insurance rates.

At Einhorn Insurance, we can assist you if your home is in an 8, 9 or 10 Public Protection Class. To get a quote, visit and click the yellow GET A QUOTE button. We can often provide estimates within 24 hours or sooner for escrow closings.

What does Protection Class or PPC mean?

When insurance companies determine the eligibility of a home in relation to high brush, they use the PPC code as one of the factors. It is a rating system that looks at a community’s municipal fire protection system and gives a score of 1-10 (10 being the worst) to a home. Therefore, if your home is in a PPC level 1, you have great fire protection with limited wild fire risk exposure. If you score a 9 or 10, your property is most likely in a rural area or a surrounded by brush, giving you little to no protection from a California wild fire.

Who is the ISO (Insurance Services Office)?

The ISO is not an insurance carrier. They are a 3rd party organization that collects statistical data, determines insurance rating information, develops standard policy forms and files this information with state regulators on behalf of insurance companies that purchase its services. In a nutshell, the ISO collects data about areas to assess their wildfire and high brush risk.

What determines if a property needs High Brush Home Insurance?

The ISO collects information about fire protection efforts in cities all over the USA. According to the International Risk Management Institute, there are 3 variables the ISO uses to rank where what neighborhood falls on the PPC scale.

1. Water Supply System: This category accounts for 40% of the score. Water supply system includes the condition, distribution, inspection and maintenance of fire hydrants and the ratio of the available water to the amount needed to put out a fire.
2. Fire Department Quality: This category accounts for 50% of the score. Fire department quality includes equipment (trucks, hoses, ladders, etc.), staffing (paid or volunteer station), training and number of local fire fighting companies.
3. Fire Alarm and Communication Systems: This category accounts for 10% of the score. Fire alarm and communication systems includes phone system and lines, staffing of these systems and the dispatch system quality.

Upon reviewing these 3 criteria, a property’s public protection class is determined.

In California, many homes are in high PPC areas (PPC of 8, 9 or 10). At Einhorn Insurance, we insure homes daily at high PPC levels.

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