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indiana dog liabilityEinhorn Insurance works with an affiliate in Indiana that can assist responsible dog owners with dog or canine liability insurance.

Indiana dog liability insurance covers bodily injury or damage your dog may cause to other people or animals. 

It DOES NOT cover:

  • damage to a place you are renting (that’s what a pet deposit is for).
  • health insurance for your dog.
  • medical expenses for your dog in the event of an incident.

In Indiana, it’s your duty to use “reasonable care,” even if you are unaware of a dog’s vicious or dangerous tendencies.  It doesn’t matter if your dog has a previous history of aggression or a bite history, as the owner or person that has care, custody and/or control of the dog, you may be held responsible for any damage your dog does to other people or animals.

Some cities in Indiana have gone so far as to ban or restrict pit bulls.  These cities include:

East Chicago has a ban on pit bulls.

Fowler has a ban on pit bulls.

Gary restricts pit bulls.

Merrillville restricts pit bulls.

In Mishawaka, pit bulls are declared “dangerous” even if they don’t have a bite history or a history of aggression.

South Bend restricts pit bulls.

As an Indiana home owner, landlord or renter, it’s your responsibility to protect yourselves by having the correct Indiana dog liability insurance.  In the event of a claim, you are responsible for paying for the injured party’s expenses: medical, surgeries, legal, time off work…etc.  Without the right Indiana dog liability insurance, your assets may be at risk and have to come out of pocket to pay for your dog’s actions.

If your dog doesn’t have a previous history of biting a person or a claim history, you can often cover your dog with homeowners, a landlord or renters insurance policy.  Our Indiana affiliate can assist you with this.


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