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colorado dog liability insuranceFor many Coloradans, the state of Colorado is known as “the home of the Rockies,” but to responsible Pit Bull owners, it’s known for its ignorance to this wonderful breed.

In Colorado, a pit bull is defined as any dog that is an American Pit Bull Terrier, an American Staffordshire Terrier, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, or any dog displaying the majority of physical traits of any one of more of these breeds.

The following cities in Colorado have banned pit bulls “to protect the health, safety and welfare of the city’s residents.”

  • Aurora
  • Castle Rock
  • Commerce City
  • Denver (Denver’s pit bull law prohibits any person from owning, possessing, keeping, exercising control over, maintaining, harboring or selling a pit bull in the City and County of Denver.)
  • Fort Lupton
  • La Junta
  • Lone Tree (also banned are American Bulldogs, Dogos, Canary dogs, Presa Mallorquins, Tosa Inus, Came Corsos and Fila Brasilarios)
  • Louisville

At Einhorn Insurance, we don’t believe in any type of breed discrimination. We feel it’s the irresponsible owners of dogs, regardless of the breed, that should be banned as they give a bad name to the RESPONSIBLE Colorado Pit Bull owners.

Colorado dog liability and canine liability insurance covers you and your pet for any bodily injury they may cause to other humans or animals. This insurance covers costs for medical bills, surgeries, attorney fees, the victim’s loss of wages, etc.

This type of insurance doesn’t cover medical bills for you or your pet, nor does it cover any damage your dog does to the place you are renting or own.


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