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Renters Insurance is the best bang for your buck!

Renters insurance covers two main things: your stuff (personal property) and your liability.

Here are a few examples about how Renters Insurance covers your personal property.

  1.  You come home from a vacation and notice someone broke into your house and stole a bunch of your stuff.  Renters Insurance covers theft.
  2. A fire burns your home and many of your items are damaged. Did you know that if you rent a house, condo or apartment, the insurance your landlord has on the property doesn’t cover your stuff if there is a fire?
  3. A pipe bursts and floods your house.  Your furniture and other items are ruined by water damage.  Renters Insurance will compensate you for these items.

The best thing about Renters Insurance is that it follows you everywhere you go.  So, if you are on vacation and your luggage is stolen or someone breaks into your car and steals your personal belongings, Renters Insurance can cover you.

The second main coverage that Renters Insurance provides is for Liability.

Liability covers your unintentional or accidental actions towards other people and/or their property.

Here are a few examples about how Renters Insurance covers your liability.

  1.  You are playing baseball and you hit a ball which accidentally hits a car and breaks a window and/or causes a dent.
  2. You are pushing a shopping cart at the grocery store and accidentally bump into an older person.  They fall over and break a hip.  Your renters insurance helps cover the medical expenses, loss of wages and attorney fees for this person.
  3. You have a dog or pet and it jumps on someone and causes them to fall back and hit their head on the pavement.  This happened to one of our clients and the medical costs were around $40,000.  Renters insurance also covers you if your dog bites someone or another animal (as long as you don’t command the animal to bite).  Keep in mind not all Renters Insurance covers all dog breeds.  Most insurance companies have a list of “dangerous” or “blacklisted” breeds.  If you own one of these dogs, they are most likely NOT covered by your renters insurance.  If an insurance company doesn’t have a breed exclusion list, your dog will be covered under the liability section of the renters insurance as they are part of your family.
  4. You leave a stove on or a bathtub running and there is either a fire or water damage to the place you are renting.  What if the fire ends up damaging surrounding units?  You are responsible for the damage caused to your home and the surrounding units.

At Einhorn Insurance, we offer Renters Insurance with excellent coverage.

Our policies even provide you with money if you can’t live in your home after a covered loss.  We cover the additional cost of living (hotel bills and meals) while the place you rent is made livable again.

Einhorn Insurance wants to make sure you, your family and your pets are properly insured.  If an insurance policy is very cheap and seems too good to be true, that is often the case.

If you are a Landlord, we STRONGLY recommend you make it mandatory that all your tenants carry Renters Insurance with a minimum of $100,000 in liability coverage.  If a tenant accidentally leaves a candle burning, the stove on, falls asleep while smoking, leaves a bath tub/sink running….their renters insurance will step in and cover the loss and damage to your property (as long as it’s covered by the policy).  We own several income properties and our tenants know Renters Insurance is a must!

For more information about Renters Insurance, check out, call 858-336-4644 or email

*Dog liability coverage may need to be a separate, stand alone policy in some states and for certain situations. May not be available in all states.

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