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Einhorn Insurance loves Dobermans!   We are here to help responsible Dobie owners with California dog liabilitydog liability insurance dobermans  insurance (also known as canine liability insurance) to cover their beloved 4-legged family member.


What is dog liability insurance and how does it cover your Doberman?


California dog liability insurance covers bodily injury your Doberman Pinscher may cause to other people or animals.  You and your pooch will also be covered if your dog(s) damage other people’s property (not including damage to the place you are renting).  Policies compensate the injured person/animal by paying medical, hospital and surgery bills and provide you an attorney in the even you’re sued due to the actions of your Doberman.


California Dog liability insurance is not to be confused with health insurance.  If you need health insurance for your pets, please visit


Even if you don’t have a Doberman Pinscher, we encourage dog owners of all breeds to carry some liability insurance to cover the unintentional actions of their dog(s).  Almost 33% of all home insurance claims are dog related, and it’s best to be preventative and make sure you are covered.


Whether you own a property and have Homeowners Insurance or you rent and have Renters Insurance, you may be required to disclose your dog’s breed. In the event you are not, we STRONGLY advise you read your policy cover to cover as it is not uncommon to find a list of excluded dog breeds.  Doberman Pinchers are usually found on this list.  Just because an insurance agent doesn’t ask about your dog, it doesn’t mean your dog is covered.


Many insurance carriers will either deny you a policy based on your dog’s breed or they exclude dog bites and/or other dog injuries from your policy.  In the event your dog hurts someone or another animal, you’ll have to pay everything “out-of-pocket”.  Remember, READ YOUR INSURANCE POLICY and be proactive!  Don’t wait until an incident to see if your Doberman is covered.


So you may be saying to yourself, “my Doberman is a baby and wouldn’t hurt anyone.”  Not all dog claims are bite related.  We had an incident where a man and his Golden Retriever were walking down the street and approached a woman and her Cocker Spaniel.  The two dogs started to play and the older woman lost her footing and fell which resulted in a hip surgery.  Neither dog was acting aggressively, but this incident resulted in someone getting hurt.


Has your Doberman been deemed Dangerous, Potentially Dangerous, Vicious or Potentially Vicious?  


Even if Animal Control has labeled your dog as dangerous, vicious, potentially dangerous or potentially vicious, Einhorn Insurance can still help you and your canine companion.


For more information on California Dog Liability Insurance for Dobermans (Doberman Pinschers), visit and hit the GET A QUOTE button. 


If this is an emergency, please email us at and let us know what your situation is and how much time you have to get a policy.  If your dog is at Animal Control and is going to be euthanized, please try not to wait until last minute to get dog liability insurance.

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