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California Dog and Canine Liability Insurance Einhorn Insurance specializes in California Dog and Canine Liability Insurance to responsible owners of all dog breeds. 


We are proud Pit Bull owners and look at dogs on a case-by-case basis.  Einhorn Insurance doesn’t breed discriminate and label all dogs of a certain breed “dangerous” or “vicious.”


As a California dog owner, you are responsible for your dog’s actions while at or away from home (on or off premises).  Any dog, regardless of breed, can bite, cause physical damage or cause damage to property.


What does California Dog and Canine Liability Insurance Cover?

–       Medical expenses and bills for the injured party.

–       Medical expenses and bills for an injured dog or animal (not your dog).

–       Legal fees.

–       Loss of income if the injured person can’t work.

–       Plastic surgery if the person that has been bit requires it.

–       Compensation if your dog(s) damage another person’s property.


Our policies provide coverage while you are home, and this protection follows you all over the world.  So, you can be at the dog park, on a walk, at a friend’s house or on vacation with your dog(s) and be covered.  Even if you’ve had a dog bite claim or incident and you are being dropped by your home insurance, Einhorn Insurance can help with home insurance that allows you to keep your dog.


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