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For anyone that has ever had a pet missing, you know how traumatizing this can be.  I know that if Bernice (our Pit Bull) escaped, I’d spend every waking hour trying to find her.  


Unfortunately, most people don’t have the luxury of taking time off work or out of their daily routine to a search for a beloved pet.  Additionally, many of us don’t know the best way to conduct a search.  This is where NinjaDog Concepts steps in as they take searching for you loved one to a whole new level!


NinjaDog Concepts services the Los Angeles area and offers a full blown, 24/7 pet search and recovery service.  This video is just one of many of NinjaDog Concept’s success stories of recovering Piper, a missing chihuahua


With all our modern technology, looking for your animal goes far beyond going to your local shelter.  Sarah Sypniewski, owner of NinjaDog Concepts, and her team work around the clock to bring your family member home.  Some of their services/tactics include:

–       Flyer design & posting.

–       Contacting local rescues, shelters, vets, businesses and pet stores.

–       Responding to any leads.

–       The use of social media.

–       Posting on-line ads

–       Canvasing an area

–       Maintaining and interactive master map

–       Networking

–       Tracking and capturing.


Sarah is the proud mom of 5 dogs.  She states, “In each missing pet’s photo, I see my own dogs’ eyes, and I work around the clock to find them as if they were.”


Maybe you are a pet owner that has the time to look for your pet and just want some guidance.  NinjaDog Concepts can help.  If you don’t want to hire them to look for your pet or if you live out of the area, they offer an email or phone coaching session to point you in the right direction.  This service includes the use of NinjaDog’s documents and 24/7 access to live advice and guidance.

One of Sarah’s favorite things about running NinjaDog Concepts is working with rescue groups.  She says, “these animals have already beaten the odds once–it breaks my heart to think of them getting out and back onto the streets.”  Recently, NinjaDog Concepts established a partnership with Los Angeles-based rescue group Molly’s Mutts and Meows in order to provide prevention education and response.  She hopes that’s just the beginning of keep rescue pets everywhere extra safe.

For more information, contact Sarah at, call 310-339-0052 or visit

For great tips on things you can do if you have a lost pet, visit NinjaDog’s Resources page where you’ll find links to articles and websites.

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