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Short-Term Condo Vacation Rental Insurance If you own a condo and have decided to rent it out as a vacation rental, Einhorn Insurance can assist with Short Term Condo Vacation Rental Insurance in California.

Websites like VRBO, Airbnb, HomeAway and FlipKey make it easy f to take advantage of extra income by renting out your condo as a vacation rental. It’s no surprise with about 41,000 vacation rentals throughout California, 22% of vacationers have stayed in a vacation rental property rather than a traditional hotel or resort.

There is a lot of preparation in making your condo into an oasis for guests, but don’t forget to get the right insurance. In the event of a claim, your existing condo aka “Walls-In” or HO-6 policy will not provide coverage if your property is being rented out on a short-term basis. Even if your currently rent this condo out to long term tenants and have a landlord or non-owner occupied policy, it is not the same as a Short-Term Condo Vacation Rental Insurance policy. With as many short-term rentals that have popped up in the past couple of years, insurance companies have gotten smart in knowing if a claim should/shouldn’t be paid out if the property owner has the wrong policy.

What makes a Short Term Condo Vacation Rental Insurance policy different than a regular “Walls-In”, HO-6 Condo Policy?

There are 3 occupancy types when it comes to condos and townhomes:
1. Owner Occupied– You live in the unit as your primary residence. As an owner, you will notice potential issues and most likely fix them or report them quickly to your insurance carrier. Owners have pride of ownership for their condos and take care of them accordingly.
2. Rented Long Term– Long term renters don’t often have as much pride of ownership as the property owner, but this is there permanent residence and they are living in the property daily. They’ve filled it with their personal property and have made it “home.” Most tenants will let landlords know if there’s a problem in the unit so it can be taken care of asap.
3. Short-term or Vacation Rental– Most people who rent a property on a short-term basis usually stay for a few nights to a week. These folks are here to relax and have a good time. They aren’t thinking about a leaking toilet, clogged drain, gas leak or properly locking all doors and windows to avoid theft. This exposure is far riskier to insurance companies than an owner occupied or long-term tenant situation.

What is a Short Term Rental?

A vacation or short-term condominium vacation rental is a unit that is rented out for residential purposes and is rented for less than 1 year at a time. So, if you are renting you’re your condo for a few months, weeks or days at a time, you will need short term condominium vacation rental insurance.

As the property owner, will I need another insurance policy to cover my condominium if I want to use it for part of the year?


Nope. This short-term condo vacation rental insurance policy is flexible. This one policy will cover the property while lived in by you, rented to others on a short-term basis and when you’re in between tenants.

Can my Corporation be listed as a named insured on the policy?

Yes, so long as this corporation’s purpose is for property rentals. You can also have an individual, sole proprietor, estate, LLC and Trust listed as a named insured. Property managers, lien holders/mortgagees and co-title owners can be named as Additional Insureds.

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