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ho 6 brush insuranceEinhorn Insurance offers HO-6 High Brush Condo Insurance in California.  California condo and townhome insurance is also known as HO 6 or “walls-in” insurance.

Over the past few years, due to the California Wildfires, insurance carriers are reconsidering which condos and townhomes they will insure if the property is located in a high brush or wild fire area. It’s not as easy as it used to be to fin HO 6 Condo Insurance in high brush and wildfire areas throughout California.

This can make finding HO 6, condo or townhome insurance quite difficult, especially if you are closing escrow and your lender is requiring proof of insurance.

Closing Escrow and Need an HO-6 policy?

Einhorn Insurance will work directly with your lender and escrow by handling all insurance paperwork for you.

We specialize in escrow closing (especially for townhomes and condos in high brush areas) and understand how stressful finding a condo or townhome insurance policy can be if you are buying in a high brush wildfire zone.

Let us take some of your escrow stress away.

What’s the reason you are looking for a HO 6, Condo, Townhome or Landlord Insurance policy in California?

  • You live or are buying a condo in a California high brush or wild fire zone.
  • You own a certain dog breed and other insurance companies won’t insure your property.
  • You’ve had a previous dog claim and are having trouble finding condo insurance or your current carrier is dropping you.
  • You are in escrow and are shopping for HO-6 insurance.
  • Your condo is older or has specific issues that are making it difficult to find home insurance (please let us know what the issues are).
  • You are shopping to hopefully find a better rate.

Whether you are looking for a landlord condo insurance policy or you live in the property, Einhorn Insurance can help.

To request a quote, please visit and click the GET A QUOTE button. We do our best to respond asap. You can also call 619-313-4643 for more information.

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