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 Condo or Townhome Insurance in High Brush

There are 3 reasons you are probably looking for Condo or townhome Insurance in high brush or high fire risk areas of California.


Reason 1: You are in escrow on a new condo and your lender requires you to purchase a condo policy.  Lenders may also use the names HO-6 or “walls in” insurance when discussing condo insurance with you.


Reason 2:  You are refinancing your current condo or townhome loan and although you were not required to get condo insurance at the time you bought your condo, the lending guidelines have changed and you are now required to get a policy to refinance.


Reason 3:  You want a condo insurance policy because you live in a high brush or high fire risk area and you want to protect your personal property in the event there’s a fire or other loss (such as theft or a pipe bursts causing water damage to your things).


Whatever the reason may be, Einhorn Insurance assists California residents living in high brush areas with condo, townhome, HO-6 and walls in insurance.


If you live in a condo community or a PUD (planned unit development), you most likely have a HOA or Homeowners Association.  Although the HOA carries a master insurance policy for themselves, 99% of these master policies DO NOT cover the interior of the units.  As the unit or condo owner, it’s your responsibility to cover the “walls inward.”  The master policy usually only covers common areas such as the grounds, pool, roof, clubhouse…etc.


What does a high brush condo HO-6 insurance cover?


Building Coverage: This provides compensation to rebuild the interior of your home (flooring, cabinets, counters, paint, toilets, baseboards, lighting, fixtures, etc.).


Personal Property:  This provides coverage to replace your “stuff” if damaged by a covered peril.  Examples of perils would be fire, theft, a pipe bursts and the water damages your personal belongings.


Liability: Someone comes over and gets hurt on your property (or you unintentionally hurt someone away from home*), liability covers medical bills, attorney fees and any lost wages the injured party may incur.  Liability can also cover you if your pet causes bodily injury to a person or other animal.

Loss of Use:  If you must move out because there’s been a fire or your place isn’t livable due to a covered peril, Loss of Use coverage gives you money to live elsewhere while your condo is being repaired.


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We handle insurance for many escrow closings and understand you may need insurance ASAP.  We can usually get a policy going the same day.  We will contact your lender and escrow officer and handle all insurance paperwork for you.


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*Doesn’t include intentional injury or injury you cause to others while driving a car.


# Don't delted. Handles all the internal links.