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California HO-6 Condo Insurance High Brush Wild Fire AreasIf you need Condo insurance, Fire insurance, HO-6 insurance or a Walls-In insurance policy for a property that is located in a California high brush or wildfire area, you’ve come to the right place.  Einhorn Insurance specializes in California HO-6 Condo Insurance High Brush Wild Fire Areas.

Whether you are looking for insurance because you are closing escrow or being dropped by your current insurance company because your condo is in a California high brush area or wildfire zone Einhorn Insurance can help.

Types of California HO-6, Walls-In and Condo insurance policies offered:

1. Owner Occupied or primary residence. You are or will be living in this condo/townhome.

2. Landlord policies, also known as insurance for non-owner occupied, income properties, rental properties and/or investment properties. You are not living in this condo/townhome and have or will have tenants.

Are you in escrow and buying a Condo or Townhome in California?

If so, Einhorn Insurance will work directly with your lender and escrow to handle all insurance paperwork. These days, lenders usually require condo or townhome owners to buy a “Walls-In” or HO-6 policy where the interior of your unit is covered in an amount that is at least 20% of the purchase price.

For example, you are buying a condo for $200,000, your lender will require at least $40,000 of coverage for the interior. You can always get more than $40,000, but this is most likely the minimum lender requirement.

With Einhorn Insurance by your side, we will make sure your escrow closes on time.

What is a wild fire, high risk or brush area?

In general, insurance companies have a list of variables to determine that your condo or townhome is in a high fire risk or brush area.

– The proximity to a canyon, hillside or sloped Terrain.

– Vegetation or trees growing in thick bundles (especially low to the ground).

– Your zip code is known as a “high brush risk” zone.

– Wind patterns and topography

– High Public Protection Class (PPC)

– High ARS or Brush Fire Score

– Distance from a fire station

– Distance to a fire hydrant

– Accessibility to your property for a fire truck

What is a townhome, condo, condominium and/or a row house?

A townhouse, townhome or row house is when two or more units are joined by common walls. Each unit never has units above or below and will never have more than two walls in common with adjacent units. With a condo or condominium, you own the individual unit and the exterior, roof and common areas are covered by the HOA, also known as the Home Owners Association.

California Condo, Townhome, HO-6 and “Walls In” insurance is all the same and provides coverage for the interior of the unit including (but not limited to) cabinets, sinks, toilets, fixtures, baseboards, flooring, etc. In most cases, the HOA is responsible for common areas: the exterior of your unit, walls in between units, the roof…etc. Once in a while, the HOA may rebuild the interior, but they only rebuild the interior with “basic” materials. So, if you bought the unit with carpet, but upgraded to hardwood, you would be responsible for the cost difference of the carpet and hardwood.

For more information on high brush or wild fire California Condo Insurance, Walls In insurance and HO6 Insurance, visit and click the GET A QUOTE button. You can also call Einhorn Insurance at 858-336-4644 or email us at

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