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golf cart insurance in californiaEinhorn Insurance offers golf cart Insurance In California. For great coverage, monthly premiums average $13-$18/mo depending on the value of your golf cart and your driving record. Payment plans are available.

With the rising gas prices and lack of parking, golf carts are a great way to get around and shimmy into smaller parking spaces.

Many people assume their golf cart is fully covered by their home or auto insurance, but this is probably not the case.


1. You’re in an accident in your golf cart, get hurt and need to pay for your own medical bills.

2. While driving, your golf cart rolls off your trailer. With golf cart insurance, your vehicle can be repaired or replaced.

3. Your golf cart is stolen or damaged in a hit and run. Golf cart insurance can provide full replacement value. Golf carts can cost as much as some cars. Why not cover them the same way you’d insure your car if it was stolen or damaged by a hit and run driver?

4. What if you’re driving and accidentally hit something or someone? This policy can cover costs of the item or, if you hit a person, medical bills, legal fees and if they can’t work, lost wages.

5. You’re coming back from a long day of playing golf or going to the beach and your golf cart won’t start. Golf cart insurance in California offers towing and roadside assistance.

A recent survey found that about half of reported car accidents happen within 5 miles from home. Of these incidents, about half occurred within a mile from home. Are you driving your golf cart more than 5 miles away from home? Probably not.

When you’re driving a car, you are most likely in a different mindset than while driving a golf cart. The wind is blowing in your hair, the sun is shining and you get the same feeling you had back in the days where you’d ride your bike or big wheel all over the neighborhood. While taking your golf cart for a spin, you may be more relaxed and subconsciously not drive as defensively as you would in your daily vehicle. This relaxed frame of mind increases the probability of having an accident.

It only takes one incident to change your life. For the low cost of golf cart insurance in California, why not have a policy that steps in to save the day in the event something happens?

For more information on golf cart insurance in California, email or call 619-466-4644 x3 and Trishia will assist you.

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