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As the weather heats up, we can’t help but think…when will the next wildfire happen? Where will it be and is my home in danger?

Einhorn Insurance understands the needs of home owners that live near canyons, brush, fire hazardous areas and vegetation. While most insurance companies won’t insure your home if you are within 2500 feet of a high risk area, Einhorn Insurance may be able to insure your home if you are only 100 feet of a brush area. Even if you have been with your current insurance company for years, the wildfires have caused insurance carriers to reevaluate which homes they can and can’t insure due to the wildfire risk.

Einhorn Insurance offers a wildfire loss prevention program which is free of charge for our customers in select Southern California zip codes. In the event of a wildfire, our Firesafe team will attempt to spray a fire retardant material on combustible structures and vegetation or landscaping surrounding the structures on a residential property.

The material used is Phos-Check Long Term Retardant which helps mitigate any damage which may potentially be caused by a wildfire.

This company offers several fire retardant products and as a homeowner, you can be proactive in protecting your home.

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