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Does anyone know what their Towing and Roadside Assistance covers?

Towing and Roadside Assistance is usually packaged together in the same coverage with most insurance companies.  Here are the general definitions.

Towing: covers expenses for having your car towed to another location as a result of Mechanical Breakdown or an Accident

Roadside Assistance: covers Lockout Assistance (but probably won’t cover re-key services), Flat Tire Change, Emergency Fuel Delivery (usually 1 or 2 gallons), Dead Battery/Jump-Start and Roadside Winching (vehicle stuck in mud, snow, etc.)

Towing Questions – Check with your carrier to find out their coverage specifics; each company has their own rules.

  1. Does your towing coverage follow the car or the person?  In other words, if you are in someone else’s car and they need a tow, can your coverage be used?
  2. Is there a maximum amount of tow/roadside assistance claims you can make?
  3. How far (how many miles) will the towing company take your car without you paying out of pocket?
  4. Do you have to pay the Towing company and then submit receipts to your insurance company to be reimbursed?
  5. Do you have to call a special number to make a tow claim?

Einhorn Insurance can help provide information about this often misunderstood coverage.

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